Wii 2 motion-sensing is “better than Move”

Edge Magazine has been told by inside sources that the Wii 2’s controller senses motion more accurately than the PlayStation Move. They do not know whether a camera is part of the setup or not, but seeing the relative commercial success of Microsoft’s Kinect, I wouldn’t count out the possibility. In any case, assuming this one’s true, I think you can put your worries about the Wii 2’s controller being just another SIXAXIS to rest, as the Move and even Nintendo’s own MotionPlus are fairly accurate systems to begin with.

Sony PlayStation Move

Nintendo, one way to do better than this is to drop the silly pom-pom. Just saying.

With regards to the camera, I just wanted to mention again that a previous report mentioned a front-facing camera on the controller. It may be a bit of a long shot, but what if that camera was actually a 3DS-style set of two, which together create a 3D image? The controller could then use that 3D feed to augment the data it already receives from accelerometers and gyroscopes, helping to improve its accuracy. What do you think?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Well the Motion Plus is already incredibly accurate, and some people say it’s as accurate as the Move. So a few more sensors (as in, sensors for more directions) would probably make it incredibly accurate. But as it stands I can’t really see how they can improve the M+. Ever try playing Wii Sports Resort? True 1:1.

    • F0

      I think the Move and MotionPlus already have enough sensors in them to sense every possible directions. I think some fancy work with cameras would really be the only way they could improve the accuracy further. I have played Wii Sports Resort, and was blown away by how well it handled. Tried a Move demo at a local Future Shop, too, and it also felt like 1:1, but seemed to lag just a little.

      Perhaps what was meant by the increased accuracy was a reduced need for calibration. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that Move and MotionPlus sometimes need to recalibrate at the worst times.

  2. Biohazard

    The main problem with MotionPlus (as well as Wii Remote Plus) is that few games support it. The most irritating part about that is that it has led people to believe that it is irrelevant because Move and Kinect are inherently more responsive which means more games are support it. Now, it appears that the Wii is about to be on its last leg, so I hope the new controller will rock the consensus a little.

  3. real gamer

    funny enough so is wii

    move wand = 300 degrees per second sensing but laggy camera tracking

    wii = 300 degrees per second but no camera lag its lag free

    wm plus = 1600 degrees sensing 5x more than move and based in the hand not a camera away from the hand

    sub controller NO MOTION WHATS SO EVER

    nunchuck 300 degrees motion per second IT HAS MOTION UNLIKE MOVE sub controller

    how can no motion tracking be better and how can 300degrees beat out 1600 degrees and how can laggy light hating camera beat out a lag free no camera system

    nintendo dropped a move and kinect camera based system because of LAGGGGG