Wii 2 to launch before Xbox 720?

Billy Pidgeon M2 Research analystYou might remember my frustration a couple of weeks ago, at Michael Pachter being the only analyst we ever hear any Wii 2 theories from. Well, the unthinkable happened. A different analyst has finally spoken up.

In an interview with NowGamer, Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research pointed out that there is a good chance we’ll see the Wii’s successor hit the market before the Xbox 360’s.

Nintendo Wii’s successor is likely to launch before the next Xbox.  While Nintendo’s next console could be a 2012 release, 2013 is more likely, and I’m not expecting a next generation Xbox before Q4 2014.

He’s basing this assumption on the recent advert Microsoft put up on LinkedIn, which asks for new employees to work on the Xbox 360’s successor. Pidgeon’s rationale is that if Microsoft is only just beginning work on the Xbox 720 now, it’ll be a few years before they’ll have anything to show; while Nintendo is rumoured to have been working on the Wii 2 since at least 2006.

Here’s Pidgeon’s full comment:

As for a next generation Xbox, recruiting talent to create and build the hardware has to take place years before a development kit is available, and developers would need a least a year to eighteen months lead time to market release to create games for the launch window.

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  1. Wertville

    Wait… They’re just getting people hired NOW!!???
    2015. At the earliest.


  2. Guest
    • Guest

      offtopic: why is my name linked to a website called http://www.website.com…?

    • F0

      That’s a minor glitch in the site theme I’m using. For some reason, it takes the grayed-out text in the “Website” field and submits it with your comment if you don’t type a website into it. I’ve been fixing it manually in every comment so far. I’ll switch to a custom theme in the future which won’t have that problem.

      Thanks for the link, by the way! The E3 2011 reveal rumour isn’t exactly new, though; it’s been around for a few months, so I don’t think I’ll be writing about it.