‘Wii 2’ trending on Yahoo!

Wii 2 trending on Yahoo!

Wii 2 rumours must be getting quite popular, if what GoNintendo reader Juan found is any indication. Yesterday, the search phrase “wii 2” appeared on Yahoo!’s list of trending topics, and apparently stayed there for quite a while. It takes a lot for something to get into that list, so there must be a lot more people out there eagerly anticipating E3 than I thought.

Come on, June! Why can’t you get here faster?

Thanks to SonOfMrPeanut for telling me about this!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. George Tirebiter

    Now THIS is a statistic worth sharing. That “Who wants to buy a Wii 2?” poll came too soon and offers info of no real value at this point. When E3 comes, then I’ll be happy to listen to another poll asking the same thing (except with the official name).

    • F0

      Agreed! IGN’s poll was quite meaningless, but seeing ‘Wii 2’ trending on Yahoo! really tells us (and Nintendo) just how high the demand for more information on the console is.

      Heh, maybe I’ll run such a “will you buy it?” poll myself after E3.

    • George Tirebiter

      I will point out that IGN didn’t conduct the first poll you reported; they only reported it. It’s annoying that they didn’t provide a link to said poll, though.

      They only conducted a reactionary poll, the one where their readers were more willing to buy one (39% yes, 22% no, 39% undecided). Still pointless by itself, but they didn’t make this monster.

  2. It’s the top trending now.


    • F0

      It’s #3 for me.

  3. George Tirebiter

    It’s now no longer on the list, fyi.

    1. Mike Myers
    2. 2 1/2 Men
    3. Graduation Gifts

  4. DaimyoNintendo

    I used to visit Gonintendo back in 2005 and 2006 but their website is just filled with so much crap news, I mean every little tidbit. I tend to stick with IGN unless there is a new console launch like 2011-2012.

    Nice, good news about the Yahoo trend. But Mariah Carey #1! with Stevie Wonder at 8 and HIV therapy at #10, random. Is Wii2 still on the list?

    • George Tirebiter

      Read above. 😉

  5. Its still at number two by my computer. Thats a long time for yahoo where most of the users are prepubescent girls lol. i kid, but damn, u think that “Ashton Kutcher 2.5 Men” would be up there or something lol.

  6. Mason

    Wow, i come back and there is so much news lol