Wii U gamepad battery life information


This information comes from a NEOGaf member,

-Gamepad’s battery life is 3-5 hours
-2 hours and 30 minutes to charge
-depends on the brightness of the screen
-you can use gamepad while charging

Well, it’s about the same as a Nintendo 3DS, but at least with a home console, playing on the go won’t be an issue or worry since you’ll almost always be near an outlet to charge while playing.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism


    Nintendo always makes very conservative estimates that are very reliable.

    I was expecting it to last at least 8 hours on a single charge but this is okay with me since I do not play more than 5 hours/day. Nintendo better pack this in with a very long cord and a charging cradle

    • Whirlwindyoshi

      I heard it may also use the 3ds’ charging cable if that makes it better…if you have 3ds. (I do)

  2. hi there its okay with me i just want screens every where like star trek

  3. hi there wii u suports 2 wii u game pads

  4. That’s okay–I only spend 2 hours gaming on the toilet anyways. Hahaha! 3 to 5 hours wireless and USB charging cable is fine.

  5. Alkaia

    3DS battery really s**t cause we share 3 person!
    But gamepad is a console thing, I think battery life shouldn’t be much issue.