Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii 2 Unveiled! (Warning: fake!)

I just happened to come across this amusing little video that pokes fun at what the next generation of home consoles will look like, based on jokes stemming from the consoles we have today. So, Microsoft unveils the Red Ring of Death, Sony gives us the PlayStation 6, and Nintendo bestows upon the world the WiiWii. Perhaps not the cleanest video you’ll ever see, but it should give you a nice chuckle.

Disclaimer: the video contains some coarse language and references you might not be too fond of. Watch it at your own risk.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wolvesgod

    -_- just seeing the Nintendo’s system’s controller being shaped as it is, is really disgusting…. if that’s what people sees in the name Wii, then they have some serious issues, even when Nintendo exclaimed what the name is.

    I really do bet that some sony fanboy made this, Sony’s console as no “parodys” in it what so ever.

    • F0

      Yeah, 50+ buttons is nothing compared to turning the most family-friendly console into a sex toy.

      Well, I didn’t make the video – I only put it up because it’s related to the site’s content. I did provide a disclaimer of sorts as a warning to those that may be offended. ‘Twas good for a quick update to the site so people don’t think I’ve died or something. If I start finding more videos and stuff, I’ll start putting tighter quality restrictions on them accordingly.

  2. George Tirebiter

    Yeah, that just reminded me of too many guys I knew in Jr. High.

    Wolvesgod is also 100% right. The so called “insults” are too complementary in comparison to words like “fail machine” and variations on kinds of “WiiWiis.”

    Like I’ve said before, I have no real preference when it comes to the 360 or PS3, but I hate PS3 fanboys. I’ll admit the 360 has some supporters I’d rather avoid, but Sony has the proven track record when it comes to really annoying fans. Not all, but enough to bother the rest of us who are just trying to play our games.

  3. wiiboy101

    nintendo was even accused of ww2 reference with wii by americans xbots ,shows they new wii was going to win so started a campain of hate JAPAN BASHING the console ,oh how they failed….

    did you also know xbox360 was called 360 for one simple reason microsoft didnt want a xbox2 vs a ps3 as 2 made it look lower than 3 so they used 360 so they could also have 3 not 2 after the consoles name YES I KNOW PATHETIC

  4. Roy

    That vid made me lol.
    Would you care to post this article about wii 2 i wrote i would appreciate it

    • F0

      Will do, Roy. It’s next on my list, no worries.

  5. Scientist

    That Bill Gates pic made me LOL, literally.

    I want the PS6. Just for the insane button-pushing stress relief.
    Oh, and the WiiWii. Also for stress relief… I’ll leave it at that. XD

    • Wolvesgod


    • Scientist

      Eh, that was a joke. I’m actually no fan of phallic objects.

    • Wolvesgod

      lol I knew, sorry, forgot lol