Yet another image of Project Café leaks out – this one’s of the back

Wow, so much for a set of images that everyone is convinced are fake. I just found a picture of the back of that console, which shows us where everything would plug in. There appears to be an antenna, two USB ports (or are they HDMI?), and some other attachment point that I can’t really make out – probably a proprietary power/AV-out combo jack. Take it for what it is – I still think it’s bogus, especially considering that there’s suddenly less reflection in the table than there was in the last two pics.

Project Café leaked image

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. The two ports at the back aren’t USB ports. I don’t know what they are, though.

  2. Jikayaki

    Its a fake again every so called photo leak has been a fake. This particular fake was created using a Windows 7 software box. Notice on the back there is nowhere to plug in a power cord. It doesn’t fit with the rumored size of console anyway and besides if a leaked photo appeared it should be a developer kit photo not a finished console.

  3. SonofMrPeanut

    I’m for this being a dev-kit, rather than a complete fabrication.

  4. RockD79

    This is totally fake. It clearly has the Wii vents and the ports on the back are at the bottom of the unit. The white model showed the cables connected to the top rear of the unit. The lighting and reflections are way off. No doubt a dummy model for business meetings exists but this is not it.

  5. Hugh

    This has to be fake. There’s no reason the antenna would be so small and easy to break, even for a development kit. It’d be better to go antenna-less like the PS3 or…the original Wii.

    Also, judging by what I assume are the chairs in the background, this console is far too small. If it runs games on native 1080p or is at least as powerful as the Xbox 360, it shouldn’t be that small. At that size the technology must be really super, which will warrant a horrifying price.

    It’s possible that the shape and design are similar to the actual console, but I think this is a fanshop of it.

  6. FAKE! No HDMI port. I hope the console supports ethernet. I’m fine with WiFi if needed though 😛

  7. David

    The antenna could be used for streaming content to the controllers. (If this is real). Kinda like a router on a smaller scale.