Third set of ‘Project Café’ pictures leaks out

Two more alleged pictures of the Wii 2 have leaked out. They look exactly like the console that was pictured in the two earlier leaks. I’m now 99% sure these are fake, because the console in this particular set has a light turned on, but isn’t plugged in anywhere (and home consoles aren’t exactly battery-powered). Still, it’s the cleanest look we’ve gotten at this particular “design” yet, so hit the break for the pics.

Project Café Leak
Project Café Leak
Mr. Fox from Nintendo 3DS Forums found these pics on some French forum. I’m going to try and dig up the original source so we know where they really came from, but no guarantees I’ll be able to find it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hahaha! This looks crazy man!

  2. Biohazard

    The disc drive also looks very small. I doubt Nintendo is going to shrink their optical discs.

    • F0

      Remember, this thing’s rumoured to be the size of an original-model Xbox 360. If that’s the case, then the disc drive is a perfectly normal size.

      Personally, I’m curious about what exactly goes into that disc drive. Blu-rays? HD-DVD’s? Holographic discs, even? 😛

    • DaimyoNintendo

      I was thinking the same thing, the disc slot looks smaller than blu ray size but the console but I am thinking Wii terms, I look at this and think its the size of the Wii therefore the slot looks small, but this thing is supposed to be the size of a 360.

  3. Steve3466

    Someone saw the leaked images of the dev kit and made a horrible render of a bad mock up… Worst part of this fake is the fact that the light is on and it’s not even plugged in. And could that wifi antena be any thinner? You guys have to sort out the garbage from the real leaks.

    • F0

      As I said in the post, I’m pretty much positive that this is fake. Nice try to whoever rendered this, and you’ve got to give them props for at least trying to make it look realistic, with the table and all, but I’m no more convinced than you are, Steve.

  4. Arnar

    Also look at the lights. They look far to fakey, cheap and clumsy. Light blue, yellow and two greens? Not very Nintendoish. Yeah, it’s also a great hint at a fake that there’s a light turned on, but not plugged in.

    • DaimyoNintendo

      Have you ever played a DSlite or DSi or 3DS? Amber, blue, and green lights my friend…….yea..very Nintendoish.

  5. Josh

    Maybe it is run by elfs hidden in the battery case? Just an idea :/

  6. DaimyoNintendo

    Yea but people because it looks so cheep and the lights are on even though its not plugged in, it could simply be a demo console like when Iwata pulled the console out at E3 and first showed is the Revolution, it did not look all that well built at all, because it was a demo! This very well could be a demo, therefore it would not be built to final specs with high quality and hell Its damn easy to hook up some LED’s and attach a battery to it, I was doing that in high school so the how cheep it looks and the lights do not give away that its fake…BUT..that stupid little wifi antenna, I don’t what to say about that.

  7. shadowjps

    It looks like a black wii with a scraped corner…lol am I the only one that sees this? xD

  8. lenny

    maybe the power adapter is wireless like an extension version of 3ds charge cradle well whatever it looks like im gettin one

  9. cameron

    i don’ see the antenna but i don’t care im getting one