Author: Ruthie

Biker Bash in development for Wii U?

According to a PDF that was posted on NeoGaf, Slightly Mad Studios (Project Cars) are developing the game Biker Bash for the Wii U as well as other consoles. The PDF document describes the game as a: bike racing game that combines classic gameplay from titles like Road Rash/MotorStorm with modern fighting mechanics from Street [...]

Nintendo to reveal price in September, says Analyst

An EEDAR analyst, Jesse Divnich, has told NowGamer that he expects Nintendo to release the details of the Wii U price in September. I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September, likely around (but not at) the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo have been very silent about the price of [...]

Crytek are working with Nintendo

A few months ago Crytek’s director of creative development, Rasmus Hoejengaard, commented that he thought it was unlikely that Crysis 3 would be coming to the Wii U despite Crytek’s initial positive reactions to the console. However, in a recent interview producer Mike Read re-established hopes that the first person shooter could make its way to [...]

“Something big” is coming from Two Tribes

We know that Two Tribes will be bringing the puzzle platformer, Toki Tori 2,  to the Wii U (hopefully) by launch but it seem like they might have something else up their sleeve too. In a conversation on Twitter, Two Tribes wrote that they had “something big” Nintendo related that they aimed to show in [...]

Mighty Switch Force HD is coming to the Wii U

In an interview with the magazine Nintendo power, creative director of WayForward Matt Bozon, announced that Mighty Switch Force HD will be making its way to the Wii U’s download service. The side-scrolling platformer will feature all new graphics and will use the Wii U’s GamePad screen as a map while showing the main action [...]

Feature: Exploring JRPGs on the Wii U

Tucked away with my love letters to Nintendo have been my ruminations on the possibility of sequels to the JRPG games dubbed the ‘Operation Rainfall‘ three on the Wii U, and the prospect that the Wii U could be known as more of a JRPG heaven than the Wii was. As an fan of the [...]

Sixth answer set on Metro: Last Light

The newest answer set on Metro: Last Light has been posted on the Last Light Forums. This time the questions were on topics such as weapons, exploding barrels and the length of the single player campaign. On the topic of how long the single player campaign would be, 4A Games had this to say: We [...]

Patent shows how Wii Remote and Wii U will interact?

A patent has surfaced (tracked down by our friends at Nintendo Life) showing how the Wii U controller might interact with the Wii Remote. The example shown in the patent is that the two characters on the TV screen is being threatened by an enemy. Using the Wii Remote you can grab the character off [...]

Molyneux: Wii U will “have to blow us away” at E3

Fable creator Peter Molyneux has been sharing his views about the Wii U and E3 2012 to Kotaku. The former head of Lionhead Studios explained that Nintendo’s “slightly lacklustre” console will have to “blow us away” at E3 2012 with “better specs” and a good first party lineup. It seems that Nintendo have a job [...]

Blizzard considering releasing Diablo 3 on consoles

It was recently revealed that Blizzard are considering the possibility of releasing Diablo 3 on console platforms. The highly anticipated title released on the PC and Mac today but Blizzard’s Leonard Boyarsky hinted that they might bring the action RPG to consoles: It’s not just going to be a simple port if we do a console version – [...]