A Metroid screenshot (faked, but awesome nonetheless)

We’re now into the final week before E3, and at this stage, the rumour mill is likely going to go wild, so don’t feel compelled to believe everything you read online about the Wii 2. With that said, an alleged screenshot of a Metroid game on Project Café has surfaced. The screenshot is definitely fake, but I’m sure we’ll all get a good kick out of it either way.

Metroid screenshot

According to Shokio and Hatai in the comments below, the screenshots are lifted from Samus mods for Mass Effect 2 and Unreal Tournament 3.

But even if they’re not real, I can’t help but drool at the thought of an HD Metroid game after seeing them. How about you?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Shokio

    That’s a Mass Effect 2 mod. I’ve played that game so much, I can tell. It looks awesome anyway though.

  2. snoop

    these specs are real David @ nintendo stream.com and metaldave @ NINTENGEN have these specs from EA canada fifa developers..

    CPU 3 core powerpc 32bit each core has a 256k level 2 catch all 3 share a IBM EDram level 3 catch of 32MB clock speed is 3GHZ

    GPU r700 and hollywood TEV hybrid gpu 200 stream processors (over 4 x that of x360 gpu) TEV2 fixed function effects engine and 8 rops and 2 custom tessalation units clockspeed @ 1GHZ again 32MB IBM EDram 24mb for frame and z buffers and a 8mb texture catch maintains a wii like 3to1 clock balance between cpu and gpu

    256mb of custom FC ram and 1gig of GDDR3 ram

    8 GB flash drive and a 64GB ready sd card reader…

    disc drive a customised toshiba HD DVD drive and disc for very fast loading 25GB storage space 40GB later date..

  3. George Tirebiter

    Though this most certainly isn’t a real Café game, we should expect the visuals to be at least this good. I’d expect they’d be better, but I don’t see them going below the bar set by this.

  4. Savino

    I expect more than that. Look at the first screen how ugly are the jets from samus armor.
    Project cafe must have tessalation to avoid this old-gen polygons!

  5. Someone

    I like the looks of that, but I hope—if they bring Metroid to the Wii 2—they go the old fashioned, 2.5D way without going as far into details as adding blood to it; I think that would completely ruin the Metroid franchise, since the early Metroid games can prove that games don’t need to be FPS or bloody to be good.

    By the way, I love your blog, Feld0 (although I just started to visit it today, I can tell you have really good details and rumors by looking at some past articles)!

  6. Those are nice graphics, but am I the only one who wouldn’t want a Wii 2 Metroid game to look like this? Sure, if it was this good purely tech wise it’d be good, but something about the screenshots and their style just jars with what I’ve come to expect from the Metroid series (okay, because it’d a game mod of an unrelated game).

    Basically, I’d like a Metroid game with more tech power shown than the above, but not one with that kind of art style.