Batman: Arkham City to make “fantastic use” of the Wii U controller

Batman Arkham City

Mark Rein, who said a few extremely positive things about the Wii U, had the chance to play the Wii U build of Batman: Arkham City and is very impressed with the game, claiming that it makes “fantastic use” of the touchscreen controller.

He didn’t say anything more specific than that, but it was confirmed that the game is not a direct port, meaning that Rocksteady Studios are likely using the additional development time for the Wii U release to make it worth the wait.

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  1. No Unreal Engine Support for 3DS?

    The “quick video” link from the Shacknews source page shows Epic’s GDC video and the platforms that Unreal will be on, and I am extremely disappointed that I do not see the Nintendo 3DS on there. It shows support for Adobe Flash, Mac OS, Windows/PC, XBOX 360, PS3, Wii U, Apple iOS, PS Vita, & Android. If Unreal Engine can run on iOS, Android, & Flash, it should certainly be able to run on the Nintendo 3DS. Can someone, anyone, ask Mark Rein Unreal Engine support for the Nintendo 3DS? Please & Thank you.

    • Revolution5268

      idk it does not work with wii it may not work with 3ds neither.