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Batman: Arkham City to make “fantastic use” of the Wii U controller

Mark Rein, who said a few extremely positive things about the Wii U, had the chance to play the Wii U build of Batman: Arkham City and is very impressed with the game, claiming that it makes “fantastic use” of the touchscreen controller. He didn’t say anything more specific than that, but it was confirmed that […]

Mark Rein praises the Wii U (very) highly, will be “shocked” if it doesn’t do well

Mark Rein of Epic Games, a company well known for the Unreal Engine and a seemingly low opinion of Nintendo’s consoles in the past, offered up some seriously high praise of the Wii U at GDC. Notably, this comes right on the heels of the rumour that Nintendo tweaked the Wii U’s specs to make […]

Wii U developers’ kits are underclocked units

The arguably scandalous news that much of the footage of Wii U games that was shown at E3 was actually lifted from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the same games caused a minor outburst among fans of all three gaming giants. Now, though, we’ve got a report that just might give us […]

Is Epic Games behind the Japanese garden tech demo?

We already know that Epic Games’s Unreal Engine 3 is running at least two of the Wii U’s games, Batman: Arkham City and Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, it seems that the studio’s support for the system may extend beyond simply porting their famous engine over to it… You may remember when Mark Rein stated he […]