Capcom still won’t confirm or deny Resident Evil 6 Wii U

Would you like to see Resident Evil 6 on the Wii U?

Resident Evil Revelations was released on the Nintendo 3DS to critical acclaim, but it is still not clear whether the Wii U will be getting some Resident Evil love as well.

Senior Vice President of Capcom, Christian Svensson, has been answering Resident Evil fans’ questions on the Capcom forums. When one user asked about the possibility of the upcoming Resident Evil 6 making it to the Wii U Svensson responded with:

We’ve made no announcements to this end at this point. I can’t say more than that right now.

This comment seems to neither confirm or rule out the possibility of Resident Evil 6 on the Wii U. Capcom recently announced the formats that Resident Evil 6 would be coming to as PS3, Xbox 360 and a PC version to follow, with no mention of the Wii U. Which begs the question, if Resident Evil 6 is coming to Nintendo’s next home console, why the secrecy?

Masachika Chiwata, producer of Resident Evil: Racoon City, and game designer Kenji Matsuura expressed interest in the Wii U last year but did not confirm that any Resident Evil games were in development for it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. PLEASE! RE6 For Wii U! RE:Revelations is selling good right now, Resident Evil can sell on Nintendo Systems.

  2. Sparkymoreno

    Capcom…. this is a chance for you to redeem yourself for the shitty job you did on the wii. Put RE6 on WiiU. Start off good.

  3. Johnny

    I’ve a feeling all this is just to hype up the inevitable E3 reveal. Nintendo is no doubt wanting to blow the lid with a bevy of new releases.

  4. Agent000

    I would have to guess that there will be a RE6 for Wii U. If there weren’t going to be, they would have just told us so.

  5. Capcom would make good politicians.

  6. RockD79

    Nintendo has Capcom on gag order. Wait for it…

  7. Temptress

    Please, please, please, that’d be a dream come true!

  8. dylon

    no i what mh 4g wii u if i had to pick but re6 would be nice

  9. BiggieSmalls

    Capcom and Nintendo are just waiting until E3 to make the reveal. They seem to have always had a good relationship. E3 2012 is going to be SICK!

  10. abe

    I suspect it is on the Wii u, everyone seems to be very quiet about their games on Wii U. e.g. shouldn’t there be trailers and details of the U version of Batman by now.

    E3 should have plenty of details and accouterments, considering the Wii U WILL be out before christmas (regardless of where you live) and Nintendo said they wont repeat the 3DS launch