Did all of Nintendo’s E3 announcements just get leaked?

A 4chan user by the name of Round Cactus claims to be an ESRB employee who has screened the sizzle reel Nintendo will be showing at E3 in less than 48 hours. It’s quite possibly the most grandiose “leak” we’ve had so far, rivaling even those of Emily Rogers. I’ve got my suspicions about the authenticity of his info, because he claims that ‘Zelda Universe’ is the name of a 25th-anniversary collection of Zelda games, but it’s still a great discussion piece.

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Console Info

  • system is called the ‘Current’
  • can connect to and join friends’ games instantly, without waiting for them to end their round
  • game updates can be downloaded and installed even while you’re playing
  • controllers feature haptic touchscreens
  • console resembles a Super Famicom
  • console is backwards-compatible with all Wii functions, including Nintendo Points
  • Wii Remotes, Balance Boards, and all other Wii peripherals work with the Current
  • Nintendo Points carry over if you have a Nintendo account
  • data on SD cards can be transferred
  • Nintendo may not be showing everything at E3, to leave some surprises for TGS

First-Party Games

  • pack-in Mii minigames family title
  • a Mario Kart game
  • Super Smash Bros. 4
  • Pit, Mario, Link, and Kirby return in it
  • Endless Ocean
  • Pikmin
  • no new Zelda game – Skyward Sword is Wii-exclusive (which was confirmed a while ago)
  • a Kirby game
  • several new IP’s
  • a Zelda collection, featuring Wind Waker
  • an Animal Crossing title
  • “some small, weird little RPG thing is coming from Nintendo”
  • a Kid Icarus game to complement Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS
  • a first-person Metroid title
  • a lineup of downloadable titles including both original designs and “remastered” Virtual Console games
  • a new open-world Mario game (as opposed to previous stage-based designs)
  • a new Donkey Kong Country title

Third-Party Games

  • Dead Rising 2, with full features
  • Super Street Fighter IV
  • Resident Evil 5, “or something that looked like it”
  • Silent Hill Downpour
  • a new game from Suda51 about hunting demons; it’s not No More Heroes 3 (which was the first confirmed Café game)
  • No More Heroes 3 will not be a launch title
  • several comic book-based games, including one based on Spiderman
  • a Shin Megami Tensei title
  • several new IP’s including a few shooters and JRPG’s
  • a mecha game that’s either Front Mission or Armored Core
  • a variety of sports games
  • Trauma Center: Current Crisis
  • a variety of downloadable titles
  • a SoulCalibur game (supported by earlier rumours)
  • a Tekken game (may be Street Fighter vs. Tekken)
  • Grand Theft Auto V will be announced, but it’s not an exclusive title
  • a Ridge Racer game
  • a Crystal Chronicles game that resembles a “proper” Final Fantasy game, but is developed by a different team
  • a Metal Gear Solid game in which you play as a girl
  • a cyberpunk game, possibly Snatcher
  • a basketball game featuring a flaming ball
  • a new Gradius game
  • a 3D or 2.5D Castlevania game
  • a tank RPG called Metal Saga C
  • Contra: Current C
  • a Sonic game, possibly a re-release of the one for the PlayStation 3
  • a Fallout-like game, either Fallout 3, Fallout 4, or something in Fallout’s style
  • most of the third-party games are getting shown as quick clips, and will not have much presence at E3
Round Cactus's Leak

And here's the original thread on 4chan. Click to embiggen.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. BilloExx

    old news is old …
    this has been floating around the web for almost 3 weeks now oO

  2. Haven’t there been at least four different ‘full leaks of everything Nintendo is planning’ already?

    There’s this one, another one I saw recently and I think another one a few weeks back.

    • Biohazard

      We’re less than two days from Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference, so we’ll be seeing leaks up to our necks counting down to that day. It’s the Revolution speculation all over again. Blogs started popping up everywhere, claiming to have a major scoop on what we know now as the Wii.

  3. Gianluca

    4chan is the no.1 source for bullshit. but i don’t know if they didn’t lie this time.. E3, please come !!xD

  4. joshua dale

    i also emailed feld0 about this earlier, but no mention of that haha

    • F0

      I found this myself yesterday, but didn’t have time to write about it then. You and Play4Fun then sent it in to me this morning at around the same time, but I had already found it prior to then. But thanks for the other story you sent me – I’ll post that one up soon.

  5. RedPanda1337

    4chan is actually the source of a lot of big leaks (yes they make up a lot of bullshit too). The reason being, a lot of these people can leak info on there without losing their job.

    It’s all irrelevant as we’ll be seeing everything in less than 2 days, but it’s still great to have ideas for what COULD be revealed, and it’s fun to get excited for this being possibly true. Honestly an open world Mario rivaling that of Grand Theft Auto would be awesome.

  6. SteveDOF

    I don’t know if any of this is right, it hardly matters at this stage.

    Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me if the announcements for “stream/cafe” were kept to a minimum and are little more than a list of games, with video and some playable demos, to show the quality of graphics and processing power, and only general specs for the machine are given. Holding back the details and maybe even the handset. Nintendo want to keep pushing the 3DS and Wii, for now. Could be another lengthy wait for the good stuff.

  7. Adam

    I don’t wanna read these! I wanna be surprised!

  8. Roy

    If even half of these are true E3 will be epic.

  9. Liemlight788

    Why are people taking this troll seriously? Round Catcus is spouting out **** just to get people excited. Especially stupid is his “Super Smash Bros. Paradise” rumor, which has nothing going for it except that people want it, and even then, the description looks nowhere what Nintendo would make for SSB4.

  10. “a Metal Gear Solid game in which you play as a girl”


  11. SupaBeam

    if they have smash bros im most likely going to faint because brawl was really good but its online…ehh it wasnt that good im hoping the new console will have a headset like the xbox thats the only thing i thought was even cool on the xbox cause im a microsoft hater but how awesome would that be playing smash bros while gettin to talk to your buddies!? i could use that we got some old friends that live in arkansaw *i think thats how you spell it* and we used to play it all the f*ckin time it would feel like a blast from the past

  12. D Rad

    I can understand with all the hype why so many people (including myself) would believe this. There have been countless ‘leaks’ as the days for E3 draw closer.

    But after thinking closely about it, i’m throwing my grain of salt away. The user claims to be an ESRB user, which is a good excuse to be able to see the E3 line up. The User says that the new console will be called the Current, and user who leaked the Super Mario World 3 info also said it would be called Current. So from two sources, the likely hood of the new console being called Current is increasingly getting higher. Adding to that, both users describe the new mario game to be an open-world game. And if that and the current is true, then SSBS is probably true too……but….theres just something about it. I mean, the SSBS leaked screen is the game’s title screen. DO they show in-game title screens at E3? because I doubt that a new Smash Bros would be that far in development in time for this years E3. At the most, I think it would only be announced. All the titles on this list are VERY believable though, so I’m 50/50. All will be revealed in a few hours anyway, so hopefully this list is true.