EA think the Wii U is “absolutely” next gen

There has been quite a debate going on about where the Wii U ‘sits’, in terms of console generations, ever since it was revealed at E3 2011. Some people have described the Wii U as a machine in-between this generation and the next, others believe that the Wii U is truly a next generation console and some have claimed it is not as powerful as this generation of HD consoles.

Adding to this to this debate, EA’s Cam Weber has claimed that the Wii U is truly a next generation console. In an interview with Game Informer, when asked whether the Wii U was a next generation console he said:

Absolutely. It’s a [new] platform with a new controller input, so we’ll do everything we can to deliver an experience that will take advantage of the hardware for that consumer.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Captainhowdy

    That’s great to hear. I can’t wait to see the games on the hardware.

  2. E3 can’t come soon enough!

  3. crackkat

    they said the same thing shortlt after e3 2011, all discussion should have ended there

  4. Snake

    Do you think that EA telling the truth

    • Venom Jamaica

      yea i think they are.

      Get N or get oUT!!!!!

  5. Hylianhero64

    Just to play devil’s advocate, it sounds like they’re saying that it’s “next-gen” in terms of innovation. It’s next-gen in the same sense as the Wii was – there was nothing quite like it before and it ushered in a new generation of gaming and a new way to play (motion controls). They’re probably referring to that, not the technical prowess.

    That said, I really hope the Wii U doesn’t lag in terms of graphics…

  6. john

    shutup and take my money


    because it is!!! and gen is not resided by THEM… i.e fanboys of sony and ms hiding behind a HARDCORE illusion,wii was vastly more next gen than ps3, that is a fact if ps3 had 12 cell cpus wii was still more next gen if x360 had 16 core cpu wii was still more next gen that is as clear as a summers day..

    no amount of cells allowed you to play mouse point games

    no amount of cells allowed you to motion control games

    no amount of cells gave you sound feed back in your hands

    no amount of cells allowed the doors of gaming to burst open with point , motion , zappers,balance boards and wii was sd card and wifi ready out the box hardddrives and hardwired net links are OLD GEN

    to state gen means gpu and cpu is so uneducated and out right dumb its hard to even consider that person a human being and not a dumb ape

    wiiu takes these strides forward yet again AND AS FOR POWER PROCESSING POWER ITS CLEARLY NEXT GEN only idiot fanboys and anti nintendo industry types are building the wiiu less powerful myth it will be called kiddy and everything else come E3 any thing to try stop it just like wii JESUS Wii was even called racist and offensive as in wii loks like ww2 when the wii name went public

    its clear those who spent 6 years hating on the console seen this amazing marketing idea coming and pee’ed them selves in fear of nintendos return to the top and the coming bankruptcy of Sony…

    there real reason for calling wii a ww2 offensive console was WAR and nintendo went to war with the industry to teach it a lesson WHOS BOSS that lesson was disruption and blue ocean as ps3 went red ocean and failed

    common flaming sense wiiu will blow ps3 away power wise it will also be designed way better and have a high speed custom version of blu ray and everything else that makes it a true gaers machine not a over heating slow loading out dated controller MEDIA BOX


    • wolfy

      Wow, tell us how you really feel. 0.o *Kidding*

      I agree with what you said, but can you say it in a more patient, calmer way?