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I’ve got an exciting announcement to make.

As of today, I’m entering into a partnership with David Turnbull, a good friend of mine and the owner of Wii U Blog and Nintendo 3DS Blog. He’s joining me as the co-admin of our forums, which have now moved to their final domain name, (formerly Wii 2 Boards) has been in operation since January, and is the oldest and largest Wii U forum on the ‘Net by a wide margin. But our new partnership with David represents a great step forward into its future. Together, we’ll ensure it remains the biggest and best place to talk about the Wii U for years to come.

Join today, if you haven’t already!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    I’m sure you’ll stay true to your word. I know for sure that I’ll still be hanging around, commenting on anything I feel like and enjoying all the updated info on the topics this site offers such as Wii U details and various games that may be of interest.

  2. 54321 gamer

    wiiu final specs not finished, edram confirmed, power tech confirmed, final power unknown sure to rise yet a well known anti Nintendo source industry gamer and a analyst cough say its a x360 1.5 and a ps3 1.5 witch is silly as that’s impossible as ps3 isnt the same as x360 and wiius specs aint final so its obviously a dirty remark.

    notice something fishy about it (1.5 or 50% more) were did we see this before hhhmmmm wii vs gamecube when clearly 2.5 was far more accurate, funny that its a ps3 1.5 all of a sudden

    is ps3 1.5 going to be the anti wiiu seed of hate

  3. George Tirebiter

    Congrats, Feld0. Sorry I didn’t visit as frequently before the merger. I’ll be around way more often now.

    • F0

      There hasn’t been a merger. 😛 Just David joining the management.

      But thanks! It’ll be great to have you on board!

  4. josh dale

    is it just the forums that are coming under 1 management, or are there any plans to merge the 2 sites?

    • F0

      At this point, it’s only the forums. There are no plans to merge the blogs in the immediate future. That’s all I’m gonna say. 😉

  5. 0003mg

    Great job Feld0! You have come a long way from being just a 3DS Buzz Admin that’s for sure! I hope you guys continue to make this the best source for Wii U news.

  6. Kriffix

    I’ve only been following you guys for a few days now, but I’m loving it here!
    It’s fun reading the frequent updates, it’s something to look forward to and keep me coming back.


  7. Sirralart RCP120

    AWESHUM! **(^_^)**

  8. hey, thanks for taking the time to manage the forum. has wii u news really been going for a year?