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Community Spotlight: A 3D Wii U Controller

Hinkik from the forums created a detailed 3D model of the Wii U controller. While there’s no groundbreaking Wii U news here, I thought his work was awesome enough in its own right to show off on the blog. Check it out!

Wii U Go turns one year old!

As of today, exactly 365 days have passed since I created Wii U Go. I started this blog last September, long before we had heard anything about Project Café, with the mission to bring all sorts of news and juicy rumours about the Wii’s successor together on a single, convenient blog. Back then, it went […]

Nintendo file a patent for a “massively single-player online game”

Nintendo have acquired a new patent for a “massively single-player online game” experience. The patent document’s description is rather vague, but the basic premise of the concept is that it allows many people to play online and affect each other’s experiences without directly interacting with each other, as is the case in a massively multiplayer […]

Confirmed: The Wii U will not run Wii games in HD

This is quite an old story, but I somehow missed it completely when it first ran, and I know that I’m not the only one that did – there was some discussion on the forums about it earlier this week. It’s right up there in the title – the Wii U will be fully backwards-compatible […]

6 Uses for the Wii U Controller’s Camera

The Wii U controller’s front-facing camera is a curious feature. The inclusion of a camera in a game controller is quite novel, but how practical can it be in actual games? Several weeks ago, long before we even knew what the Wii U was called, a few users at the forums came up with several […]


I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. As of today, I’m entering into a partnership with David Turnbull, a good friend of mine and the owner of Wii U Blog and Nintendo 3DS Blog. He’s joining me as the co-admin of our forums, which have now moved to their final domain name, (formerly […]

Community Showcase: Matheus and Jade, two Project Café mockup artists

You may or may not be aware of Wii 2 Blog’s mockup gallery (if not, you should go check it out!), which features over 100 fan-made mockups of Project Café. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two artists email their work to me personally for inclusion, and I’d like to showcase them on the […]

Wii 2 won’t kill the Wii Remote, controller features 6.2-inch touchscreen

Some new details from Kotaku (unsourced, of course, as usual) tell us that the Wii 2’s controller measures exactly 6.2 inches in size, and has eight buttons, echoing the very first “leak” we heard almost word-for-word. The more interesting part of this report, however, is that Project Café’s controller is designed to co-exist with the […]

Penny Arcade ridicules Wii 2 rumors in their latest comic

With all the crazy Wii 2 rumours flying around, it’s unavoidable that someone finally decided to publicly ridicule them. Feature after feature has been getting announced, from a touchscreen controller to a freakishly powerful GPU. Penny Arcade has done just this in one of their more recent comic strips, which I just happened across. To […]

Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64!

Wertville, one of Wii 2 Blog’s regular readers, has created an attractive forum signature based on his personal idea of what the Wii 2 should be called.