Metro: Last Light E3 Footage Part 2

As promised THQ have released the second part of the Metro Last Light footage that was shown at E3. This is the third video following from the prologue and part one. Though it’s not Wii U footage you can still get an idea of what the game will be like when it releases for Wii U sometimes next year. Enjoy.

Carry on reading for screenshots

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Timmy Stevens

    doesnt that guy sound a bit like Viktor Reznov.

  2. brian

    the space marine in huge boots and shoulder pads, fast being replaced with the hooded cool guy character…. this industry is seriously shallow and thinks that only dumb teenagers play there games im fast getting tired of it…. assasins creed uncharted and now metro ES I GET IT INDUSTRY TEENS WEAR HOODIES rolls-eyes….

    the way they move is also a insult to m artistic integrity LOL stop making the animation like a teen walking as if his cool seriousl is every game this industry makes aimed at CHAVS …

    • They would be stupid not to make characters who appeal to their target audience. Don’t forget, they are actually trying to make money here.