[Updated] Rayman Origins sequel coming to the Wii U?

UPDATE: Gamekult.com have managed to get hold of a video of Rayman Legends Wii U and it shows multiplayer functionality on the Wii U controller. Check it out below.

Now that we are nearing E3 the Wii U rumour mill has started to gain speed. Last year, it was rumoured that Ubisoft would be bringing a game called ‘Rayman Legends’ to the Wii U.

Adding to this rumour is a supposedly leaked Ubisoft survey that was released on Monday suggesting that a sequel to the 2D platformer was in the works and now, Ubisoft have registered the domains Raymanlegends.com and Rayman-legends.com.

The game will apparently feature dragons and mythology according to the leaked screenshots.

This is pretty plausible as Ubisoft have been quite supportive of the Wii U since it was shown at E3 2011. The creator of Rayman, Michel Hancel, also seemed pleased with the Wii U’s features.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Whirlwindyoshi

    I need more Rayman Origins.

  2. Captainhowdy

    That screenshot is beautiful. I hope it makes it to the Wii U.

    • Wii U Dragon

      Your hope has been fufilled XD

  3. Andodel

    Very nice, hopefully Sonic gets a game on the Wiiu too 🙂

    • Wii U Dragon

      That would be awesome! As long as its 2d though

  4. Wii U Dragon

    Just saw this on Nintendolife, my hype for the Wii U has just gone up by 9000x. XD

    The multiplayer looks really fun as well. Bad news is it seems like one Wii U controller plus wii controllers multiplayer is still the focus. Also poor ubi gettin theyre video leaked lol

  5. Nintendoftw

    haven’t played the first game but from what I’ve heard it was really good, hope this next one is just as good and I might pick it up on launch day. Some of the wii u exclusive features look really good like using the wii u remote portal of power style XD (hated that game)
    Can see how multiplayer could get pretty hectic with the wii u remote person getting to control platforms etc.

  6. Captainhowdy

    @Wii U Dragon

    Yes! My anticipation for the Wii U just keeps getting bigger.

  7. slaphead

    there playing it on a wiiu how then could it not be comming to wiiu


  8. F0

    Whoa – that trailer looks stunning! The art is beautiful, and it looks like Ubisoft have some really neat NFC inclusions up their sleeve!

    I’m really looking forward to this game!

  9. I can NOT wait for this – so hyped!