Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64!

Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64Although this site is formally known as “Wii 2 Blog,” the “Wii 2” part of it is really just a placeholder for whatever the Wii’s successor will eventually be called. Until we get an official announcement of some kind from Nintendo themselves, we’re all free to call it whatever we want.

Wertville, one of the users at our bustling forums, likes to refer to the system as the (get ready for this) Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64, or SWES64 for “short.” He’s made a nice-looking logo in a forum-friendly size, which you see above. Feel free to embed it into your signature on any forums you happen to go to using the following BBCode:


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wertville

    Yayness! My sig made it front page!

  2. Ephesus

    That’s a very SWEll name (c wut i did thar?) for our cute lil’ (for now) community.
    Speaking of which, I should check in. I haven’t done that in forever.

  3. George Tirebiter

    Okay, this officially made my day. Now I can’t wait for them to follow that up with the Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64 Boy Advance.

  4. wiiboy101

    anythings better than NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE see what i did there lol hehehehe