Survey shows that gamers want improved motion control in Wii 2 first and foremost

IndustryGamers recently conducted a survey of their readers in which they asked gamers what they would most like to see from the Wii’s successor. The results are rather surprising, in that the majority of voters wished for improved motion controls, with awesome HD graphics and – get ready – augmented reality taking close second and third places. Seems self-proclaimed hardcore gamers don’t hate motion control as much as angry Internet trolls make it appear.

Here’s a screenshot of the results at the time of this post’s publishing:


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. How can they make it any better than the Motion Plus? Make it so it figures out your movement before doing the movement? The M+ is 1:1, no noticeable lag whatsoever, and it’s got less (still has some though) calibrations than any of the competition. How the heck is Nintendo supposed to improve upon that, I have no idea.

    And I find it funny people are asking for “HD, not some gimmick” when HD in of itself is an unnecessary gimmick; you could just as easily play a PS3/360 on a 480p TV, which fits the definition of gimmick. I’d be voting for improved processing power; that actually changes the way developers approach games. It’s not like a game would be made differently if it were in 480p as opposed to 1080p; but if the game was being made on a PS1/N64 instead of a PS3/36 there’s an obvious difference in what developers can do.

    • Okami

      I wouldn’t call HD unnecessary. For me, owning a 46′ full HD TV, what mostly disturbs me with my Wii, is that the graphics look jaggy and blurry. Put on 1080p and viola!, it would look so much better. Anyway I think they actually could improve the motion controls too, although maybe not as much the precision as the synchronization. From my experiences, the M+ keep getting off-sync quite enough frequently for it to get a bit annoying. That’s one part that they could do better. Although I have to say, the M+ is far better at syncing than PS Move.

  2. gamer guy

    im loving this all the SO CALLED GAMERS I.E HARDLYCORES AT NEOGAF are calling for second analog stick and classic pads and acting like motion is over and thats a good thing and wii 2 shold loose its pointer IDIOTS

    then its shown REAL GAMERS not hardlycores want motion to stay and improve FANTASTIC NEWS there’s commonsense out there in the world good to see

    motion and pointing = future classic pads and dualshocks = the past