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Sixth answer set on Metro: Last Light

The newest answer set on Metro: Last Light has been posted on the Last Light Forums. This time the questions were on topics such as weapons, exploding barrels and the length of the single player campaign. On the topic of how long the single player campaign would be, 4A Games had this to say: We […]

Metro: Last Light getting short live action film

Those of you who are looking forward to Metro: Last Light for the Wii U may be interested to hear that a short live action film is planned to be shown on the 24th of May. A countdown trailer for the film has appeared on the website ‘Enter the Metro’ but doesn’t give much details […]

Visuals and side quests in Metro: Last Light

The next round of  questions for 4A games and THQ from the fans on Metro: Last Light forums have been answered. This time the questions focused on the game’s visuals, side quests and weaponry. The first question asked what visual and graphical changes there were from the previous game to Metro: Last Light. The answer was: We’ve […]

Voice acting and stealth in Metro: Last Light

A THQ representative on the Metro: Last Light forums has posted answers from 4A games and THQ to fan’s questions. On the subject of voice acting one fan mentioned the ‘cheesy’ English voice acting in the previous Metro game and wondered whether the voice acting this time round would reflect the dark world that Metro: […]