Voice acting and stealth in Metro: Last Light

A THQ representative on the Metro: Last Light forums has posted answers from 4A games and THQ to fan’s questions. On the subject of voice acting one fan mentioned the ‘cheesy’ English voice acting in the previous Metro game and wondered whether the voice acting this time round would reflect the dark world that Metro: Last Light is set in. The answer was:

We’ve received a variety of feedback regarding the voice-acting in Metro 2033: many players loved it; some disliked it; but a majority of the time it came down to individual characters and personal preference. For example, “Khan” has always been a fan-favorite. However, we believe reaction to the voice-overs generally speaking is very subjective.We’re aware how important both the dialogue and quality of voice-acting is on a story and character driven game like Metro. With THQ’s help, we’re investing a lot more time into the voice recordings this time around. For now, all we can say is we hope you like the result! Regarding the ambient voices and battle chatter, this aspect of the game world is being completely re-done and will be much more extensive than in Metro 2033

Another fan asked whether it was possible to use stealth to go through the entire game without killing any enemies. The answer was:

It’s certainly possible to complete multiple levels without killing anyone. However, for narrative reasons it’s not possible to complete the entire game without killing any humans.

Metro: Last Light will release in  2013 on the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC


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  1. Wii U Dragon

    Bad voice acting can kill a game for me but which game to get aliens colonial marines or this hmm

    • Venom Jamaica

      You can get both. Colonian marines will be launch and metro on 2013 so get both cause i am gonna do the same.

      Get N or get OUT!!!

  2. Captainhowdy

    This is one of my most anticipated games for the Wii U.