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Capcom is “close with Nintendo”

We’ve already heard several comments from Capcom with regards to the Wii U, but this next one hints that they might have something pretty big in mind. Christian Svensson, the VP of Capcom’s US division, had this to say. Coming to the topic of Wii U, we continue to have conversations about best to tackle […]

Super Smash Bros. 4 may feature a Capcom character

Speaking to IGN in an interview, Masahiro Sakurai had a couple of interesting things to say about Super Smash Bros. When asked about the possibility of a Capcom character or two making it into the game’s Wii U and 3DS installment, he replied: I can’t say that it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility […]

Capcom effectively confirms their support for Project Café

Capcom is one company that has traditionally been very supportive of Nintendo’s platforms in the past, and I expect no different for the Wii’s successor. A quote from an interview with IGN all but confirms they’re working on something. We’re a multiplatform publisher, and I think anytime we have new hardware coming to the market that can […]