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EA job listing points to a new ‘Dead Space’ game

EA have recently posted job listings on their website in search of a senior art director and audio director to work on the ‘Dead Space’ franchise. The listing goes as follows. “This is a major opportunity to greatly contribute to an exciting unique franchise. The ideal candidate will have a passion for video games, with […]

EA CEO shares why the Wii U is so impressive

One of the Wii U’s biggest supporters are EA who were actually up on stage with Nintendo during their E3 2011 press conference. In an interview with Industry Gamers John Riccitiello shared why he was so taken with the Wii U. “It’s a high definition platform and I love the controller. I just think it’s cool. […]

Nintendo: More third party support to come

If you were worried about the lack of third party support on the Wii U then worry no more, because as well as Nintendo securing the support of EA, they also have other developers who are interested in developing for the system. In an interview with Toronto Thumbs, Matt Ryan from Nintendo Canada mentioned that there […]

Mass Effect and Wii U are a “nice fit”

EA games chief, Frank Gibeau spoke with GameTrailers about the possibility of bringing Mass Effect to the Wii U. Though he could not confirm that they were bringing the series to the console he did have some interesting things to say about the matter. “I can’t say we are going to do it on the […]

EA’s Battlefield Wii U ideas

EA has been showing Nintendo a lot of love over the Wii U. They seemed to be supporting the Wii U console in full, and now EA president Frank Gibeau has shared some ideas on how one of their biggest franchises, Battlefield, could be enhanced by the Wii U’s features. What’s really going to make […]