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Mark Rein praises the Wii U (very) highly, will be “shocked” if it doesn’t do well

Mark Rein of Epic Games, a company well known for the Unreal Engine and a seemingly low opinion of Nintendo’s consoles in the past, offered up some seriously high praise of the Wii U at GDC. Notably, this comes right on the heels of the rumour that Nintendo tweaked the Wii U’s specs to make […]

[Video] 7 minutes of Chase Mii and Battle Mii footage

Some great new footage of the Chase Mii and Battle Mii demos has surfaced, which offers the best look we’ve had at those two demos yet. They’re embedded after the break.

[Video] Tokyo Street “Panorama View” Demo

Back at E3, Nintendo showed off a special, private Wii U tech demo that demonstrated the new controller’s gyroscopic sensor. Often referred to as the “Tokyo Street Demo”, the word about it spread but Nintendo refused to let anyone record footage of it. The veil on this elusive demo (officially titled “Panorama View”) was finally […]

New Super Mario Bros Mii to be first Wii U game?

One of the tech demos displayed at E3 to show off the new Wii U was a demo showing off New Super Mario Bros Mii. It seems to play pretty similar to New Super Mario Bros on the Wii but the key difference is that Miis are playable characters in the game. The four player action revolves […]