[Video] Tokyo Street “Panorama View” Demo

Back at E3, Nintendo showed off a special, private Wii U tech demo that demonstrated the new controller’s gyroscopic sensor. Often referred to as the “Tokyo Street Demo”, the word about it spread but Nintendo refused to let anyone record footage of it.

The veil on this elusive demo (officially titled “Panorama View”) was finally lifted at CES, and you can watch a recording of it below.

Apart from the neat 360-degree effect, one of the blog’s readers has spotted an interesting little detail at the 0:09-second mark. Notice the second Wii U controller on the TV stand, displaying a live feed much like the one on the other controller.

Although we have no way of confirming there isn’t a second Wii U in the room somewhere, it’s possible that both controllers are connected to the same console. Special thanks to Guest for pointing this out!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Damn, that looks sweet!!

  2. Andy

    Pokemon Snap sequel please. :3

  3. Guest

    Actually, I don’t think the second controller shows a live feed. To me, it looks more like a reflection.

    What made me curious is that they put the controller away later in the video. Did they forget to put it away after using it? Or why did they put it away at all? After all, you can still see it even after the cut.

    Also, there’s a full controller setup with 1 Wii U controller and 4 WiiMotes to the right, probably to try out 5 player games. But why the hell do they need 3 Wii U controllers?

    I discussed it a bit with Feld0, and he said the third Wii U contoller to the right was probably a spare one, but this doesn’t explain the fact that there are three of them. Two spare controllers? And one of them ready to be used?

    Oh and by the way, we seriously need an abbreviation for “Wii U controller” or “new controller”. I guess NC will do just fine.

    • Lene

      Yes, I think it is a reflection. The picture moves in the opposite direction to image on the TV.

      Anyway, I always thought about the new controller like an extension of the console itself more like a controller. If you can use 2, it is good. But I don’t think we will need 4 controller of this type. The second screen will be more useful for LoZ-like games, FPS, games with a complex interface, PKMN Snap-like games 😉 …

      The name of the new controller? It doesn’t have one at the moment, sadly. But the French community already gave it one: mablette, short for “manette” (controller) and “tablette”.

      The name mablette is automatically associated to this controller for me =) Just call it a “mablet” for now.

    • SSL

      It’s not a reflection, it’s moving exactly the same way as what’s on screen.

    • TS

      It’s hard to tell if it’s reflection or not. I’d say it isn’t, but at 0:19 you can clearly see that the controller doesn’t show anything. Strange, also it seems that only one of the controllers is pluged into the Wii U, and if the second controller would really work, why did they not notice that in the video?

      What makes me more wonder, anyway: That seems to be live-rendered grafic. That’s just insane! At first I thought it was like Street View, but look at the shadows, they look strange. But it isn’t even pre-rendered, as you can chance the direction of how you look on the controller. That grafics seem nearly realistic, that’s just insane!

  4. Ricardo

    Nintendo, take my money!

  5. Snake

    That looks awesome