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Touchscreen controller confirmed, to be usable as a standalone device?

Arguably the most prominent rumour about the Wii’s successor has been that of a touchscreen-enabled controller. Nikkei, a well-known source of accurate leaks in the past, has “confirmed” that the Wii 2’s controller will, in fact, actually feature that six-inch touchscreen. And while it wasn’t said directly, a further statement seems to imply that the […]

Could ‘Beem’ be Project Café’s real name?

There’s been a lot of debate over what Project Café would actually end up being called. The two most common names we’ve heard so far are ‘Nintendo Stream’ and ‘Nintendo Feel’. But an interesting news tip from Dooks1111 (who contributed a piece to the mockup gallery and will get a community showcase feature soon) brings […]

Wii 2’s controller to have front facing camera? (And confirmation of other rumours)

A source has told the website Develop Online that the Wii 2’s controller will have a front facing camera. It seems that the camera will be able to create in-game images. What this means exactly is unknown as the source did go into more detail. However, the source did go on to confirm that some […]

Could Project Café’s controller have a rumbling touchscreen?

Remember that patent Nintendo got last January, for a rumbling touchscreen? Back then, we all thought it was going to show up in what is now known as the 3DS (it hadn’t been announced back then, and it was referred to as the “DS 2,” much like we’re calling the Wii’s successor the “Wii 2” […]

Wii successor called ‘Nintendo Feel,’ to feature haptic touchscreen?

The Swedish website Loading has ignited an exciting new round of rumours, coming supposedly from a source close to Nintendo. The most exciting part of their report is that the console’s controller will feature a touchscreen with haptic feedback technology – that is, a touchscreen that allows you to feel textured surfaces. For example, you’d […]

Community Showcase: Matheus and Jade, two Project Café mockup artists

You may or may not be aware of Wii 2 Blog’s mockup gallery (if not, you should go check it out!), which features over 100 fan-made mockups of Project Café. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two artists email their work to me personally for inclusion, and I’d like to showcase them on the […]

Nintendo likes buttons, and isn’t going to ditch them

Most gamers will agree that physical buttons are a necessity for any kind of serious gaming, and dislike buttonless devices like the iPod Touch and iPad for the very reason that they lack tactile controls. With all the rumours about Project Café sporting a touchscreen controller, there’s no need to worry about losing the very […]

Why the Wii 2’s rumoured touchscreen controller makes perfect sense

Chris Kohler of has written a wonderful editorial on why it makes perfect sense for Nintendo’s next home console to have a touchscreen controller. It touches on Nintendo’s past attempts to add extra screens beyond the TV to the living room, and presents several likely reasons for why the Wii’s wireless connectivity to the […]

Wii 2 won’t kill the Wii Remote, controller features 6.2-inch touchscreen

Some new details from Kotaku (unsourced, of course, as usual) tell us that the Wii 2’s controller measures exactly 6.2 inches in size, and has eight buttons, echoing the very first “leak” we heard almost word-for-word. The more interesting part of this report, however, is that Project Café’s controller is designed to co-exist with the […]