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Video: Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer

A sweet-looking trailer for Batman: Arkham City has been released. It’s a meaty 12 minutes long, and features lots of great in-game footage. However, it should be noted that this is not a trailer specifically for the Wii U version of the game, but rather one that represents all four platforms it will be on […]

Video: Wii 2 Blog on G4tv

G4tv, the world’s largest TV station dedicated to video games, was on the bleeding edge of E3 this year. As part of their coverage of Nintendo’s press conference, they put together a pre-show that aired before the conference began. Part of this pre-show focused on the Wii U – or as we called it then, […]

Project Cafe footage is definitely fake

Remember that footage featuring Project Cafe? Well, new evidence has come in that the video is completely and utterly fake. The reliability of the video was questionable anyway but this new evidence seems to blow any thoughts that it was true out the window. A French website gave students the challenge of creating a piece […]