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Why Baldur’s Gate is unlikely to hit the Wii U

I remember quite fondly those days when I was a wee child, my eyes brimming with tears at the difficulty of Baldur’s Gate. However, any hopes for a Wii U version of the newly announced Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition that’s making its way to the iPad have seemingly been dashed. On Twitter, creative director of Overhaul Games, […]

Team Meat want their next game on the Wii U

Super Meat Boy was originally meant to come to the Wii, but the idea faded away because of the file limitations and so the game never materialised on WiiWare. Tommy Refenes explained that: Super Meat Boy would have been on WiiWare if we could have had just a few more megabytes of space – you […]

Bit.Trip Runner2 might come to the Wii U

Bit.Trip Runner2, the next sequel in the critically acclaimed Bit.Trip series, will not be coming to WiiWare due to technical limitations. But in a recent Q&A event, Gaijin Games’s founder Alex Neuse touched on the possibility of bringing the game to the Wii U. While we can’t confirm anything, I will say that while we were […]

Machinarium on the Wii U is a possibility

Machinarium , a point-and-click WiiWare adventure, has been cancelled. While speaking to Eurogamer, developer  Jakub Dvorský explained (in pretty blunt terms) why the game has been axed. We don’t like Wii because the resolution is so low and there is a size limit on WiiWare of 40MB, which is so low for nowadays. It’s crazy. […]

Ronimo “like” the Wii U

Indie studio Ronimo (best known for their WiiWare hit Swords & Soldiers) have expressed an interest in developing for the Wii U, but aren’t ready to make any decisions just yet. The console’s online system was, however, cited as a possible point of concern. We’d have to see what it brings to the table in […]

Wii can’t handle Bit.Trip Runner 2, could head to the Wii U

Bit.Trip Runner 2 was recently announced for Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In an email to Nintendo World Report, Alex Neuse, developer at Gaijin Games, explained that the reason the game isn’t coming to WiiWare is because the game is getting an HD overhaul and “the Wii cannot handle the game.” He stated that […]