Wii can’t handle Bit.Trip Runner 2, could head to the Wii U

Bit.Trip Runner 2 was recently announced for Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In an email to Nintendo World Report, Alex Neuse, developer at Gaijin Games, explained that the reason the game isn’t coming to WiiWare is because the game is getting an HD overhaul and “the Wii cannot handle the game.” He stated that if the console had sufficient power, it would most certainly be coming to WiiWare because they “love the Wii!”

There’s no reason for Nintendo fans to be completely disappointed, however, as he backed up his loving claim by saying that they are considering the Wii U, but that they’re “not ready to officially announce anything yet.”

I myself am hopeful that those considerations are leaning in favor of the Wii U. What better way to launch Nintendo’s new online service than with a Bit.Trip game?

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