Video: Star Fox intro remade in HD

Not exactly Wii U news, but with the agonising wait for E3 2012 here’s a little something to make that wait a bit easier. We’ve all wondered what Nintendo franchises such as Star Fox would look like in HD and now youtube user rickonami has remade the Star Fox/ Star Wing intro in lovely high definition.

There is a mistake with the naming of Fox but this is sort of dwarfed by the great job the video does  in re-imagining the classic game in HD. Hopefully, a real Star Fox game in HD for the Wii U is not too far away. If Katsuya Eguchi’s hints last year are anything to go by then maybe we really won’t have to wait long for Star Fox Wii U.

Check out rickonami’s channel for more of his HD remakes

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. It looks amazing! It’s incredible what fans can do!

  2. Wii U Dragon

    This… is beautiful

  3. Wolf

    Your video streaming is bad and you should feel bad!

  4. uPadWatcher

    This clip is 101% EPIC! Let’s hope that Nintendo answers that call for the Wii U.

  5. Nintendoftw

    Hey, Nintendo, three words: