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Two Tribes: “We could make a damn fine Star fox game for Wii U”

In an interview with Ninty Chronicle, Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes revealed that they would really like to make a Star Fox game for the Nintendo Wii U. I think we could make a damn fine Star fox game for Wii U. Yes, a classic Star fox game would be awesome to work on. The […]

More hints that Retro are working on Star Fox Wii U

Earlier this year, ONM seemed to tease that they had insider information that Retro Studios were working on a new Star Fox game. Now, the website Techtroid have been told by their sources that a new Star Fox game is in the works and will be revealed at E3 2012. The source explained that though the Wii U […]

Video: Star Fox intro remade in HD

Not exactly Wii U news, but with the agonising wait for E3 2012 here’s a little something to make that wait a bit easier. We’ve all wondered what Nintendo franchises such as Star Fox would look like in HD and now youtube user rickonami has remade the Star Fox/ Star Wing intro in lovely high […]

Are Retro Studios working on a Star Fox game for the Wii U?

The Official Nintendo Magazine published a feature about the history of Retro Studios in its last issue. Tucked away at the end of the feature is what sounds like a sly hint at a particular new title… While some suggest this new project is likely to be a return to the Metroid franchise, we’d love […]

Motherload of fresh Wii 2 rumours – Star Fox and Resident Evil in development

Information overload! Yet another anonymous source has released what may be the biggest leak of Wii 2 information yet, covering everything from Star Fox to the mysterious touchscreen controller.