70 Wii U games in development and other E3 2012 rumours

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Forget The Box, from whom we’ve heard that the Wii U might feature eReader-like capabilities and that Nintendo are working on at least three new franchises for the console, have another batch of Wii U rumours for us, this time regarding what we can expect to see of the console at E3 2012.

According to their unnamed sources, roughly 70 games are currently in development for the Wii U. Ten or eleven of these are published by Nintendo and will be shown at E3, of which four will launch by the end of the year (two extremely likely candidates are Pikmin 3 and Retro Studios’ secret project, and a). A variety of third-party games will be present as well, though that’s hardly a secret – many third-party developers have been talking about their Wii U projects since E3 2011.

Another interesting detail is that Nintendo are considering pricing the Wii U lower than they really want to. While it might spell a few losses for the company, there is absolutely no doubt that getting a powerful and capable next-gen console out there at an affordable price will help it sell, which will in turn attract more developers to it. Look how well the $80 price cut worked out for the Nintendo 3DS!

Finally, we are apparently due for “a tsunami wave of 3DS and Wii U software this holiday season to soften the blow from hardware losses.” Sounds good to me!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. dylon

    they said they already where droping the price of the wii u so they wouldnt haft to do the price drop are thy takeing another 80 off that?

  2. suportedcofe

    I really hope these rumors is true.

  3. Will

    We efen better. Im already starting to feel the drought 3rd party titles, I mean awesome third party titles like residenr evil revelations. I wanna see back saints row, assassins creed and other titles like this and some social apps on the 3ds and same connectivity of nintendo metwork, that psvita has to the psn or even better. Lastly I have faith in nintendo’s wii u, my last faith in them to be exact, so I hope its true and runs on unreal engine 4 and the tablet screen is both hd amd 3d for next gen longitivity.

  4. :0 OMG! That would be epic!

  5. Sparkymoreno

    Wow… I can’t wait for E3. Very Exciting stuff around the corner

  6. donzaloog

    Nintendo will dominate as always. if they really do price it lover than it’s worth, it will make up for whatever hardware losses they sustain. $299 seems to be the swwet spot.

  7. miiworld2

    If they price the WiiU at $200, I’ll be shocked… I mean, SHOCKED!!

    • donzaloog

      No way it will be that cheap. I’m thinking $299 minimum, $350 maximum.

    • David

      I heard it might be $250, but it was just a rumor.

    • Sparkymoreno

      I’m calling it. $279! lol
      I just got this gut feeling they will put it between 250 and 300. If it has the “2” in there, it won’t seem that expensive.

    • I’m with donzaloog. Yeah, that’s definitely what I think, too. Though, if this price drop thing has any weight to it, we might be looking at a $299 price as opposed to the $349 price tag I’m expecting the Wii U to be.

  8. David

    to work all day long so I can have enough money this holiday season…

  9. Oh, please let this all be true! I personally think it might just be.

  10. Giantenemycrap

    Reggies body is still ready!