Leaked details about Super Mario World 3?

Following up on the last great 4chan leak, a batch of details surrounding the rumoured Super Mario Café have surfaced, thanks to an anonymous user claiming to have early access to an E3 press kit. Take it with a good supply of salt by your side, as always, but what the user describes really does sound like a plausible evolution of the Mario concept to me.

Apparently, there is no gimmick in the game, as has been the case with Super Mario Sunshine’s F.L.U.D.D. and the two Super Mario Galaxy games’ whacked-out gravity. Just straight-up, pure platforming action. Instead, the game will sell itself on presenting a massive, seamless open world for Mario to roam – an evolution of Super Mario 64, if you will. It is said to strike the perfect balance between exploration and platforming.

The Real Mushroom Kingdom (credit: HappyRussia, deviantART)

Image credit: HappyRussia, deviantART

The world is filled with smaller sections focused on tight platforming, such as one region with a pirate ship wreck (bearing what sounds like a Wario flag) and a lighthouse at a beach. There are enemies, coins, floating blocks, and all the usual Mario miscellania all over the place, but the lighthouse, for instance, is a bit like a miniature stage of its own. The 4chan user says that inside it, as Mario ascends the staircase, Shy Guys try to kill him by pulling stairs out from under him and rolling boulders down.

The user also claims that the game’s visuals are extraordinary, filled with a plethora of little touches that we haven’t seen in Mario games before. Foliage moves in the breeze, foam from the tide leaves traces behind on the beach, and textures are all around very detailed. Despite all this, the game still supposedly retains the surreal charm we’ve come to expect from the Mario series, which sounds nothing short of awesome to me.

And what’s more, Yoshis are back, and are said to have a huge presence in the game!

Ahem, excuse me. Yes, the user says that Yoshis are one of at least two modes of long-distance transportation (the other being warp pipes). They have egg trains again, like in Yoshi’s Island, but the way they work is unknown at this point (though I imagine that throwing them would be an option). There is also supposed to be an expansive underground area (infested with Bloopers), which must be traversed in order to unlock the instant-travel warp pipes.

Lastly, the user said that he got a glimpse of a world map that had the words “Mushroom Kingdom” at the top, suggesting that there may be multiple kingdoms in the game to explore – all but pointing to an awesomely huge game.

4chan Mario Leak

The original posts on 4chan.

Again, all of the above may be fake, but it doesn’t go against anything we’ve already heard. Personally, Yoshis + an open world sounds like a winning combination to me, but I’d love to hear your thoughts, too. What would you like to see in a Mario game built for a true next-generation console?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Arnar

    These last hours before the unveiling are going to be… L – O – N – G

    I’m trying to envision HD Mario games, with rich textures and highly detailed world… but I always end up imagining something TOO REAL, I hope they keep their surreal cartoonish look, yet somewhat “real”.

    I just can’t wait!

  2. Trip_0

    OMG, I just jizzed in my pants..even if this is fake..it seems so f*ckin awesome..

  3. George Tirebiter

    If the Mushroom Kingdom does end up being only one area of the game, that would actually confirm a theory I had when this game was first announced about multiple areas.

    My theory actually initially revolved around Star Medals (the generic version of Comet Medals seen in one of the GDC screenshots). For every foreign area, there would be a separate kind of medal. Delfino Island-inspired areas could have Sun Sprite Medals, Dinosaur Island could have Yoshi Medals and so on.

    I realized later that the game will probably only have Star Medals, but other areas throughout the series would be in it.

  4. Gina

    The usual team who make 3D Mario games are busy working on Super Mario 3DS and the team who made the 2D new super Mario titles for the DS and Wii are said to be busy making Pikmin 3. I claim this to be fake because people making this kind of stuff up get people worked up to only be let down and you trolling on me just adds to that problem. Nintendo never let leaks out with regards to Mario platform games, Mario remains one of their most secretive titles to be kept under wrap and key. Now yes you will see a Mario title but not this bollocks that has been written here.

  5. Aaron Barton

    It looks very, very obviously fake. The way that the poster behaves is exactly as you’d expect for someone who is BSing. For one thing, why would a person with this info leak it out along with fanmade art from years ago? Aside from the fact that much of it looks ludicrous from an artistic standpoint for Nintendo to use, I recognize some of it as old art ANYWAY. The game sounds nice -but why have real facts, and bother adding those photos and talking about your NDA? Sorry folks, there may be a new Mario game, but if it has anything to do with anything this troll said, it’ll be sheer coincidence.

    • TNelson711

      except that it was used as a filler picture – there was no picture to go along with the leak, period.

  6. Arnar

    So much animosity in here over a fun game that does or does not exist.

  7. F0

    Gina and Joshua Laudermilk, thank you very much for leaving a flame war here for me to clean up when I got back from grocery shopping.

    I never claimed that the info was true or false – I only put it up as a relatively harmless discussion piece to pass the time ’til E3. It’s clear that there will be loads of BS flying around in the final hours before Nintendo’s conference, but it’s all part of the fun. No need to take it so seriously.

    Really, I’m with Arnar here. Enjoy the rumours for what they are – rumours, not facts.

  8. David

    They could really do some wild things in an open world, if this is true.

  9. Meelow

    I’m trying not getting hyped because this can be fake but…PLEASE NINTENDO LET THIS RUMOR BE TRUE:D

  10. Kyle

    W for Wart. Wart needs to make a serious comeback. Mushroom Kingdom and Sub Con.

  11. CaptainFlower

    My body is ready for a Waluigi game already.

  12. Kyle

    The game needs the cape and secret keys like smw.

  13. Someone

    The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this: Zelda+Banjo Kazooie+Mario. I think it’s an interesting concept, and I hope they include the cape and keys, as Kyle said. If they don’t have the frog suit in Super Mario 3D, I hope they put it in this game (or, even better, in both)! I wonder how that would be. . . unfortunately, all we CAN do about this game at this point is wonder. If it’s real, hopefully they’ll reveal it at E3!

  14. Gina

    Hey I’m sorry Feld0. It was wrong of me to use language like that and I do apologise. When i was talking about it being false I din’t mean by you but by the person who wrote it from the beginning, my comment Bull**** was aimed at the person who wrote it and not at you for placing the the news piece here.

  15. Chinomanila

    Tsk tsk Gina tsk tsk……

  16. Bobbysan

    Nintendo should look more toward fans. Maybe they finally are?