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Our first peek at the Wii U’s achievements system?

See that yellow “Cleared in under 100 second!” bubble in the above screenshot? Word on the street has it that this is our first look at the Wii U’s achievement system. The screenshot of what appears to be New Super Mario Bros. Mii comes from Iwata’s Nintendo Direct presentation. While it is unknown whether it is a […]

Yoshiaki Koizumi confirms Super Mario Wii U

It was only a matter of time before we got confirmation that a new Mario game would appear on the Wii U. Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer of the 3D line of main-series Mario adventures, did just that in an interview with The game is still in the earliest stages of development, so chances are slim […]

Nintendo E3 Update: Nintendo Wii U games

A few games are already being mentioned to be coming to Nintendo’s next home console the Wii U: Tekken Wii Successor, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City, a new Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, and Ninja Gaiden, just to name a few. A Zelda and Mario game was also shown while demonstrating the controller. EA is also […]

Leaked details about Super Mario World 3?

Following up on the last great 4chan leak, a batch of details surrounding the rumoured Super Mario Café have surfaced, thanks to an anonymous user claiming to have early access to an E3 press kit. Take it with a good supply of salt by your side, as always, but what the user describes really does […]

Faked: ‘Super Mario Wii 2,’ Vitality Sensor, and Wii 2 console appear in retailer listing

A NeoGAF’er by the name of Nemesis556 has put up a picture of what he claims to be a local retailer’s listing of Wii games and products they are expecting to receive. Three very interesting items appeared on it. I’m 99% sure it’s fake, and I’ll explain why in a moment, but I’m putting it […]

Super Mario Café to be shown at E3?

CVG claims to have heard word that Nintendo’s going to be showing off another Mario game that isn’t Super Mario 3DS at E3, quite possibly one for the Wii’s successor. They speculate that it may be a new Super Mario Galaxy title, but that’s just their own guess. But we’ve also heard another little whisper […]

Pachter’s Nintendo E3 2011 Predictions

Love him or hate him, industry analyst Michael Pachter has shared his predictions on Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference. In his latest episode, summarised by he shares his thoughts on what will be revealed on the Wii 2/Project Cafe. He predicts that a lot of titles for the Wii 2 will be shown at E3, […]

IGN “predicts” the Project Cafe launch lineup

Nintendo has taken on a fair amount of criticism after the 3DS’s launch, in that the selection of games for the system was mediocre at best. I’m sure a lot of you will agree that we don’t want the Wii’s successor to suffer from the same launch blues next year that the 3DS did. With this in […]