Motherload of fresh Wii 2 rumours – Star Fox and Resident Evil in development

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Emily Rogers, who first brought us the rumour of Rockstar and Nintendo being onto something together, has released a slew of new information from her secret sources, much of which is very tempting. Do take it with a grain of salt, however – the mechanics of her writing aren’t really too great, and there’s a high likelihood the original article might’ve been bogus link bait. But that’s all part of the fun of speculating about a console that we know practically nothing about, right? So here we go!

On hardware, we’ve got the following:

  • Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, Konami, Activision, Rockstar/Take Two, Electronic Arts, Namco, and Ubisoft all have Wii 2 development kits, and are each working on at least one game for it.
  • Expect the Wii 2 to get games you would never expect to see on a Nintendo console.
  • Nintendo is devoting an insane amount of effort to ensuring that third-parties feel welcome on the console, and there won’t be too many, if any, killer first-party games at launch – not unlike the 3DS.
  • The Wii 2 controller sounds ridiculous on paper, but makes perfect sense when you see it in person (hmm…where have I heard that before…?)
  • the internal storage issue has been solved once and for all, but no details are known on how Nintendo did it
  • Nintendo is revamping their digital distribution platforms – it probably won’t be called WiiWare anymore (makes sense if we’re to believe that the Wii brand will be dropped)
  • Nintendo approached Hideo Kojima about the Wii 2
  • Some tidbits about Wii 2 games supposedly in development:

  • there will be a Star Fox game on the Wii 2 – probably won’t be shown at E3 because it is very early in development
  • Pikmin 3 is very far into development, and will most likely be shown at E3
  • Nintendo is considering releasing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword close to the Wii 2’s launch as the Wii 2 will be able to run Wii games, in a move akin to what they did with Pokémon Black & White and the 3DS (I call bogus on this one because Nintendo have repeatedly confirmed that we’re getting Skyward Sword this year, and the Wii 2 is seemingly slated for 2012).
  • A Resident Evil game is in development for the Wii 2, but whether it is a spinoff or not is unknown.
  • Retro Studios is working on a Wii 2 game, and it’s not Metroid – they’re done with that franchise.
  • And bits on what we should expect to see at E3 ’11:

  • a widely loved FPS is getting ported to the 3DS.
  • 3DS news will be the focus of at least 60 percent of the E3 conference – not much will be shown of the Wii 2 or its games beyond the key features.
  • This year’s focus is on the 3DS – the Wii 2 is not launching in 2011.

  • I must stress again that all of the above is completely unconfirmed information, so trust it at your own risk. But none of it sounds particularly far-fetched, to be honest.

    Special thanks to Play4Fun for posting this at the forums!


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