Nintendo confirms May 15 Wii price cut, announces ‘Nintendo Selects’ collection

Nintendo just confirmed in a press release that they will be dropping the Wii’s price in North America to $150 on May 15, so there’s one rumour that turned out to be true. Not just that, but Nintendo’s also switching things up a bit by swapping out the bundled Wii Sports with Mario Kart Wii.

Nintendo Selects Collection

Wii Sports, together with Mario Super Sluggers, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, will now be getting re-released as part of the ‘Nintendo Selects’ collection – the Wii’s equivalent of the GameCube’s popular Player’s Choice series of discounted hit games. Each of the ‘Nintendo Selects’ will cost just $20, which is great for people looking to pick up some great games with their new $150 Wii, but I can’t help but feel just a little ripped off, as I’ve purchased Animal Crossing and Zelda full-price.

It seems the Wii is going to follow the path of the PlayStation 2, becoming a real budget system that will eventually live in the shadow of its next-gen successor. Reggie did say a long time ago that they’ve got lots of room to drop the Wii’s price, and I have no doubt it will be cut further in the future – EA in particular has been quoted as saying that the Wii would “explode” if it broke the psychological double-digits barrier.

Again, the Nintendo Selects collection and the lower-priced Wii bundle will be coming out on May 15.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Josh

    Getting every last penny ;D

  2. Guest

    Speaking of feeling ripped off, I also felt a bit ripped off when Nintendo released Metroid Prime Trilogy for around 55€, because I bought each Prime separately for a total of around 165€. But considering that all Metroid Primes were such amazing games, I’ll buy Trilogy, too, once I’ve got enough money to spare. Just for the sake of the better controls for Prime and Prime 2: Echoes. And don’t tell me I’m stupid, my classmate bought the Halo Reach (or Halo 3? Don’t remember) Legendary Edition, that’s a bit more stupid.

    On topic: A really wise decision. I can’t understand why it took Nintendo so long to make a new Player’s Choice. And let’s hope they release Metroid Prime Trilogy as a Nintendo Selects title, too – I might feel ripped off even more, but then I’ll at least buy it right away! A real Nintendo fanboy doesn’t care about the amount of money he throws out of the window! =D

  3. Seems a bit weird to list Mario Super Sluggers as one of the games for this range, I don’t recall it being a major critical or financial success for Nintendo or that well known (at least not compared to Zelda, Wii Sports, etc).

    In other news, didn’t they announce that WarioWare Smooth Moves was also in this range? I found a box art picture of that game from this range somewhere online, yet you don’t seem to have it listed.

  4. Emmanuel

    CM30 – Certain games will be exclusive in certain regions. I think WarioWare is UK exclusive..