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EA promises launch titles for the Wii U

The period of time surrounding a new console’s launch is often a great opportunity for publishers to make their support known, as a single gem in the sea of mediocrity that such launches usually constitute, can easily rise above it all. EA’s Frank Gibeau has pledged his company’s support for the Wii U’s launch, all […]

Wii 2 will be the PlayStation 2 of the next generation

Paul Gale, the man who gave us the juicy rumour that Retro Studios is working on a Wii 2 project we all want, has received another interesting tidbit of info from a secret source of his. Nintendo’s new machine is powerful and though I hate to bash, it won’t be another Dreamcast. This will be […]

Reggie: “Wii’s price drop was perfect timing”

On the heels of Nintendo’s announcement of the Wii’s price drop to $150, Reggie Fils-Aime had a few things to say. Most importantly, he believes that this price drop was a crucial step into the Wii’s future. Specifically, he noted that the last generation’s “leading console” (obviously, he was referring to the PlayStation 2) “sold […]

Nintendo confirms May 15 Wii price cut, announces ‘Nintendo Selects’ collection

Nintendo just confirmed in a press release that they will be dropping the Wii’s price in North America to $150 on May 15, so there’s one rumour that turned out to be true. Not just that, but Nintendo’s also switching things up a bit by swapping out the bundled Wii Sports with Mario Kart Wii. […]

Reggie hints at Wii price drop, but does not denounce Wii 2

Reggie Fils-Aime hints in an interview that Nintendo’s ready to drop the Wii’s price should its sales slow down. However, he did not specifically denounce the possibility of a successor. Could we be looking at the next PlayStation 2?