Penny Arcade ridicules Wii 2 rumors in their latest comic

With all the crazy Wii 2 rumours flying around, it’s unavoidable that someone finally decided to publicly ridicule them. Feature after feature has been getting announced, from a touchscreen controller to a freakishly powerful GPU. Penny Arcade has done just this in one of their more recent comic strips, which I just happened across. To summarize it would be to ruin its comic effect, so just the break to see it! But be warned – they make a slight sexual reference in there, albeit for a very brief moment.

Wii 2 Comic

Click to see the comic full-size!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. WonderlandsOwnHatter

    Heheh, thats funny |:3

  2. Play4Fun

    It seems like they’re just playing on the ‘Wii 2 will signal the end of the world’ internet joke.

    • F0

      Could be that Nintendo might try to shift a few units off the propaganda. xD