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Nintendo will focus on Wii U games during E3

Satoru Iwata just announced on Nintendo Direct that they will focus primarily on Wii  U software during E3, so he is taking the time to explain the hardware on the stream right now.

Nintendo Direct: Watch It Live

If you’re looking for a place to watch Nintendo Direct (which starts in just a few minutes!), I’ve embedded the live stream just after the break.

No Wii U games on Nintendo Direct today

There won’t be any new information on specific Wii U games in today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, as Nintendo announced on their Facebook page. Shame, but it just makes the wait for E3 that much more exciting!

New Wii U info is coming at 3:00 PM PDT today

Nintendo sent out an email to let the world (or in this case, their Club Nintendo members) know that Iwata will reveal brand new, pre-E3 Wii U news at 3:00 PM PDT today (to see what time that is in your timezone, click here). The announcement will be broadcast in the form of a Nintendo […]

“Have you heard about Wii U?”

Nintendo have been busy phoning journalists this weekend, giving them a brief message in what seems to be a viral marketing stunt designed to get the masses talking about the Wii U. The brief voice message says: Have you heard about Wii U? If not… you will. Not much I can really say about this, […]

Are Nintendo developing a Wii U game no one expects?

According to a NeoGAF user called “Shikamaru Ninja”, one of the first-party games being in development for Wii U might be something we didn’t think of yet. He claims it’s something that has already been mentioned in speculative discussions, and further emphasizes it’s “[not] Mario or Zelda or Pokemon related”, while assuming it probably won’t sell […]

Nintendo tease Wii U launch titles on Facebook

Nintendo’s official Wii U Facebook page isn’t just for show, it gets put to use! See for yourself: “Initial game releases” probably means these games will be available at launch. However, it doesn’t specify whether these are 1st-party games or not… let’s hope they are. So? Any idea what these might be? Leave a comment […]

Nintendo launch the official Wii U Facebook page

Nintendo have launched the official Wii U Facebook page, giving the growing Wii U fanbase a central official home. There isn’t much to see there yet, but I’m sure Nintendo would appreciate your support if you gave them your like. The creation of this page does, however, carry some weight in that it more or […]

Nintendo’s Wii U sales target is 10.5 million

Nintendo has set its combined sales targets for the Wii U and the Wii in the upcoming financial year and they are expecting to shift ten million Wii U and Wii units. Their software sales target for Wii U and Wii is 70 million units. To put that in perspective, 9.84m Wii consoles and 102m software […]

Nintendo not attending Gamescom this year

Nintendo are throwing people for a loop this year in saying they will not be attending the annual Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany.  Given that the convention pulled in roughly 275,000 attendees last year, as well as the fact that Nintendo have attended the event every year prior, this is a peculiar move. Silja Gülicher, […]