Is Grand Theft Auto V coming to the Wii U?

Grand Theft Auto V Logo

We’ve heard the Grand Theft Auto V spiel several times already, and the rumour returns once again. This time, the analyst firm Sterne Agee expects the game to launch in the first quarter, and cites a Wii U version of it as one potential cause for the delay.

Now, this is a prediction from an analyst group that has no direct connection to the developers, so there’s none of that “friend of a friend’s anonymous source” chatter at work here. However, considering that the Wii U will not miss the holiday season, it’s not out of the question that Rockstar Games would want to capitalize on the new platform that will have press and fans buzzing.

So… the elusive Grand Theft Auto V. Will it or will it not come to the Wii U? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that question, so leave them in the comments.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. crackkat

    i called it weeks ago 🙂

  2. Sam

    I’d love to see it launch with the system if it’s as good as San Andreas, the wii u’s controller could make for some kind of ipad type thing for the protagonist to use too. It’d be neat to have a music playing app that comes out the controller, and of course some china town wars inspired stuff. Maybe other characters could contact you through a skype type thing. Possibilities are endless 😀

    • Sparkymoreno

      Getting very excited here. I do hope they confirm this and do some neat stuff with the controller. Sniping with the tablet screen a la silent scope, while driving rear view on the tablet and 3rd person on the tv, and do I even have to say what you can do with the touchscreen at a strip club??!!
      Dear developers, I am just a gamer. You are paid to be creative and implement great ideas into games. Make this happen!!

    • F0

      I like the ideas you guys are throwing forth. A little suggestive, eh, Sparky? 😛

      I don’t really see any reason the game wouldn’t come to the Wii U, personally, unless Rockstar have something against Nintendo (but that’s really unlikely, considering they produced the timed exclusive Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS).

  3. ddddd

    Looking forward to an analyst whose predictions actualy come true XD

  4. RockD79

    I say October for GTAV. I think it would be the perfect fit for Wii U.

    • RockD79

      With a November 18th launch for the Wii U.