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Why Crysis 3 for the Wii U was cancelled

We’ve been reporting on the relationship between Crytek and the Wii U since 2011 when Cevat Yerli pretty much confirmed his support for the Wii U. Although Crytek’s Carl Jones said he wasn’t sure about Nintendo’s “hardcore” strategy. Then in 2012 Crytek’s director of creative development, Rasmus Hoejengaard seems to suggest that it was unlikely that their new […]

Crytek are working with Nintendo

A few months ago Crytek’s director of creative development, Rasmus Hoejengaard, commented that he thought it was unlikely that Crysis 3 would be coming to the Wii U despite Crytek’s initial positive reactions to the console. However, in a recent interview producer Mike Read re-established hopes that the first person shooter could make its way to […]

Crytek have no planned Wii U games yet

In an interview with German news website, Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, talked about new games and the next generation of consoles. The Wii U got mentioned as well: IGM: Sony’s Playstation Vita has launched in February, Nintendo’s Wii U is supposed to follow towards the end of the year. What does Crytek plan […]

Rumour: Crytek got Crysis running on the Wii U

Apparently a Crytek employee got the upcoming shooter Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. However, this is not a sign that they are developing the game for the Wii U as they were just seeing what the console could do. The rumour also claims that the Wii U was able to run the game […]

TimeSplitters 4 is ‘not in development’ for Wii U

In a response to CVG, Crytek  have seemingly killed the rumours that TimeSplitters 4 is in development for the Wii U or any other console for that matter. We first heard about the TimeSplitters 4 Wii U rumours a few months ago  and two days ago Aussie Gamer reported that a source of OXM had […]

Unlikely that Crysis 3 is coming to Wii U

Those hoping for Crysis 3 on the Wii U may be disappointed to hear that the game is unlikely to have a Wii U version. In an interview with Destructoid, Crytek’s director of creative development, Rasmus Hoejengaard, commented that there was not a “fat chance”. He goes on to say that he doesn’t think it would […]

Crytek are “very happy” with the Wii U

This is certainly a more uplifting piece of news than the last quip we heard from Crytek about the Wii U. Cevat Yerli, the company’s CEO, has put all doubt about the system’s power to rest, saying that their team is “very happy” with the specs. The specs are very good. It’s a challenge for designers, […]

Crytek are hoping for a ‘core gaming’ market on Wii U

Crytek are hoping that there will be a core gaming market on the Wii U. In an interview with NowGamer, Carl Jones said that the Wii U is a platform that they are really interested in and that they hope there is a market for a core gaming experience on the console. When asked about core gaming […]

Could Crysis come to the Wii U?

And the third party support for the Wii U continues. In an interview with Develop, the CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli affirmed his support for the Wii U. “Crytek’s support for Wii U is definitely going to happen… We aren’t showing it but we are pretty much running [CryENGINE] already…” Yerli, head of the video game […]

CryEngine 3 is ready for the next generation of home consoles

According to a recent interview, the next generation of Crytek’s flagship engine is ready to meet the next generation of home consoles, including the Wii 2. Crysis 3 on the Wii HD, anyone?