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Huge batch of Darksiders II screenshots

A batch of 24 Darksiders II screenshots has become available, which you can check out after the break. Some of them are from a few weeks and even months ago, but I haven’t seen most of them before and you probably haven’t, either. All the screenshots can be found just after the break!

Metro: Last Light delayed to Q1 2013

THQ announced at a recent investor relations meeting that Metro: Last Light has been delayed to the fourth quarter of their 2012 fiscal year – this translates to the first quarter of 2013, so we won’t be getting the game for at least another year from now. But despite this, Amazon are offering pre-orders for every […]

[Video] Darksiders 2 “Behind The Mask” Trailer

THQ released a special Darksiders 2 promotional video today titled “Behind the Mask”. It features lots of in-game footage and several developers’ thoughts on having Death as the game’s protagonist. Watch it after the break.

THQ are working on two secret Wii U projects

The fourth LinkedIn-fueled story I’ve run so far today reveals the existence of two secret THQ projects for the Wii U. One of them is a multiplatform title, with planned releases on the Wii U, 3DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; while the other is a Wii U exclusive. Both games are apparently scheduled […]

Darksiders 2 producer is impressed with the Wii U

Ryan Stefanelli, the producer of Darksiders II, was recently interviewed by CVG about the Wii U version of the game. First off, you may consider 01net’s earlier rumour about the Wii U being in “development hell” officially debunked, as the Vigil Games team reportedly got the game running on the Wii U controller faster than I […]

Metro: Last Light and Darksiders 2 will be “superior” on Wii U

The site FedWars had the chance to talk to a THQ developer who had a few comments to share about the Wii U. The anonymity of the interview harkens back somewhat to the Project Café era, but unlike the anonymous “leaks” we had back then, this employee doesn’t make any ridiculous claims – his comments seem […]

Five new Metro: Last Light screenshots from TGS

THQ released five new screenshots of Metro: Last Light at TGS, and they’re looking beautiful. Considering that these are from the multiplatform release of the game for the “HD twins”, it’s possible that the Wii U version may look even better when it hits later.

12 Minutes of Metro: Last Light Footage

For those who missed the other gameplay videos of Metro: Last Light, THQ have conveniently put together a video showing all three of the videos they released as well as extending the original scenes. As well, there is an entirely new scene. Metro: Last Light will be gracing the Wii U sometime in 2012.

THQ is “committed” to the Wii U, looks to do more than just ports with it

According to Danny Bilson, THQ’s executive VP, the company is looking to make a true commitment to the Wii U beyond just simple ports. He teased a touchscreen-powered inventory system for Darksiders II, and overall seems to be quite excited about actually making games for the platform. We’re committed to that platform, so long as […]

Metro: Last Light E3 Footage Part 2

As promised THQ have released the second part of the Metro Last Light footage that was shown at E3. This is the third video following from the prologue and part one. Though it’s not Wii U footage you can still get an idea of what the game will be like when it releases for Wii U […]