Rumours Archive

Leaked final design of Wii U controller

A leaked image of a newly designed Wii U controller has been released. It is unknown at the present time if the source is legitimate, but it seems to be real. Notable changes are the new analog sticks, previously analog nubs, which have been moved diagonally from the D-pad and directional buttons. Also, a slew of ports [...]

Patent shows how Wii Remote and Wii U will interact?

A patent has surfaced (tracked down by our friends at Nintendo Life) showing how the Wii U controller might interact with the Wii Remote. The example shown in the patent is that the two characters on the TV screen is being threatened by an enemy. Using the Wii Remote you can grab the character off [...]

Do Tecmo Koei have more in store for the Wii U?

Last week in a financial statement, Tecmo Koei discussed plans of taking advantage of new hardware launches by actively releasing products for new consoles. While not specifically mentioning the Wii U, it is a console that we know will be launching soon. Not only that but the Wii U is pictured on the slides shown [...]

Luigi’s Mansion is coming to the Wii U?

Could our favourite ‘green hatted’ plumber be coming to the Wii U? The retailer has suggested so by listing Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Wii U. However, there is also the possibility that the entry of the title is just a placeholder or a mistake. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to expect a Luigi’s Mansion game [...]

Tadashi Sugiyama working on a Wii U game?

Nintendo’s Tadashi Sugiyama, who has worked on titles such as F-Zero X, Luigi’s Mansion, Wii Fit and Mario Kart: Double Dash may be working on a new game for Wii U that will be revealed at E3 2012. GoNintendo have reported that this information has come from “a trusted source.” The source didn’t specify what [...]

Rumour: Crytek got Crysis running on the Wii U

Apparently a Crytek employee got the upcoming shooter Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. However, this is not a sign that they are developing the game for the Wii U as they were just seeing what the console could do. The rumour also claims that the Wii U was able to run the game [...]

Blockbuster lists several Wii U games?

Pictures have surfaced on the internet listing several upcoming Wii U games. The pictures were apparently taken by an employee of Blockbuster UK and show a list of Wii U games on the Blockbuster database. Most of the titles are ones that have already been announced but there are some interesting additions such as Splinter Cell, Shield Pose [...]

More hints that Retro are working on Star Fox Wii U

Earlier this year, ONM seemed to tease that they had insider information that Retro Studios were working on a new Star Fox game. Now, the website Techtroid have been told by their sources that a new Star Fox game is in the works and will be revealed at E3 2012. The source explained that though the Wii U [...]

SEGA working on an unannounced title for Wii U?

A LinkedIn entry by SEGA’s Matthew Hickman seems to suggest that the company is working on an unannounced title that will be making its way to the Wii U, PC, Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. The entry doesn’t go into any specific details but I think we can be certain that it will [...]

LostWinds is coming to the Wii U?

Those few weeks before E3 are always filled with rumours from the very believable to the not-so-much and this year is no exception. According to the French website, Live Gen, Frontier Developments are working on a LostWinds game for the Wii U. Apparently the site was told ‘in private’ that a LostWinds game was in [...]