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The Wii was never intended to be a “casual” console

The Wii is notorious for its wide appeal to non-traditional gamers, which has skewed its public perception to that of a casual console. However, at the last investors’ Q&A session, Iwata revealed that this perception was the result of a “misunderstanding” and a widespread misconception that “no or few core users [play] Nintendo platforms.” [We] […]

Wii U’s final form to be shown at E3 2012

Nintendo just held their last investor relations meeting, in which Iwata revealed that he’s planning to have the Wii U shown in its “final format” at E3 2012. What we can take away from this is that they’re still actively developing the console and making changes to it… that, or Nintendo have something they’re hiding […]

Nintendo on Wii U game demos: “Possibly”

In Nintendo’s latest investor relations meeting, Iwata gave us several insights into Nintendo’s future strategies for the Wii U and the 3DS, including his reassurance that the Wii U won’t suffer from the same lack of software that the Wii did. Next up, we’ve got his word on free game demos – one of the […]

Wii U won’t be plagued by 3DS launch woes

The 3DS’s launch was highly anticipated, but soon fell flat as there was quite literally only a single standout game (and even that was a port of a console title). But in a shareholder meeting today, Iwata dropped a reassuring tidbit that gives us hope for a much stronger Wii U launch. He said that […]

Iwata confirms that the Wii U doesn’t play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs

Iwata found the time to meet up with his investors even through the E3 craze, and Nintendo have posted a transcript of the meeting online. In it, Iwata confirmed that the Wii U will feature neither DVD nor Blu-ray playback because you probably already have something that plays them. Wii U does not have DVD […]

Could the Wii Vitality Sensor move to Project Café?

At Nintendo’s last investor relations meeting, an attendee pointed out that the Wii Vitality Sensor was nowhere to be seen on the company’s sales plan, and asked Iwata if it’ll be released in the next fiscal year, if ever. Iwata answered the question by explaining that the Vitality Sensor is “a totally new type of […]

What Iwata said about the Wii’s successor at the investor relations meeting

We have decided to release Wii’s successor in 2012. We plan to display it in a playable form at the E3 show to be held from June 7 in Los Angeles. The specifications are to be revealed at the show. I am afraid I can’t say any specific here today but, at E3, the company […]

Getting ready for Nintendo’s investor relations meeting

A short guide to what we can expect to hear from Nintendo’s investor relations meeting tomorrow, and how you can follow it.

Nintendo Life in the know about Wii 2, more details expected on April 26th

Add Nintendo Life to the list of parties in the know about the Wii 2. Some of their latest tweets have clearly revealed the existence of the new console.