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Wii 2 motion-sensing is “better than Move”

Some reports state that the Wii 2’s controller picks motions up more accurately than the current leader in the field, Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Reggie hints at Wii price drop, but does not denounce Wii 2

Reggie Fils-Aime hints in an interview that Nintendo’s ready to drop the Wii’s price should its sales slow down. However, he did not specifically denounce the possibility of a successor. Could we be looking at the next PlayStation 2?

Pachter: Wii 2 set for 2011 reveal, will be backwards-compatible

Michael Pachter no longer thinks Nintendo’s in trouble, and has adjusted his outlook on their future accordingly.

Pachter: “Wii 2 will be as powerful as PS3 at best.” (and here’s why)

Many people think that Nintendo will one-up the current HD consoles in terms of sheer horsepower with the Wii’s successor. Here’s Pachter’s well-backed opinion to the contrary.

Wii 2 will not simply be more powerful

Reggie says they’ll release the next console when they feel they’ve stretched the current Wii to its very limits…and the successor will do much more than just add HD graphics.

Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii 2 Unveiled! (Warning: fake!)

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have revealed the next generation of game consoles! What do they have in store for us? (warning: fake!)