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Nintendo’s new online service is called ‘Nintendo Network’

The above image of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy‘s boxart has been making rounds around the Internet today, as it depicts a new, unfamiliar Nintendo Network logo. As shown in Mario Kart 7, Nintendo Network is the new online service Nintendo introduced to succeed the oft-criticized Nintendo WiFi Connection – or at the very least, it’s a great re-branding of […]

[Video] Reggie talks Wii U at CES

Reggie was interviewed about the Wii U by Spike TV at CES; and while he didn’t make any groundbreaking announcements, he was happy to provide a vague insight into Nintendo’s plans for 2012 and the Wii U’s long-term strategy. I’d recommend watching the full video interview above, seeing how many points he touches on, but […]

Will the Wii U have an app store?

Rumour has it that the Wii U will feature a “full-blown app store”. Unlike the Wii Shop Channel and the 3DS’s eShop, which focus on games and the most basic of utilities, this Wii U store will feature a “wider variety of apps”. A Major League Baseball app was specifically mentioned as a possibility. Wii […]

Wii U version of Dragon Quest X is “beautiful”, beta to begin around Valentine’s Day

Speaking at Jump Festa, Yosuke Saito – the producer of Dragon Quest X Online – revealed that public beta testing for the game (on the Wii, of course) would probably begin sometime around Valentine’s Day. The Wii U version of the game is a faithful port of the original Wii project, going as far as allowing […]

Go Vacation producer shares controller ideas for a Wii U sequel

Masaya Kobayashi, known for his work on the Ridge Racer series and the Wii’s Go Vacation, has shared his thoughts on how the Wii U might accommodate a potential Go Vacation sequel. He sees the touchscreen controller as a device better suited towards the couch, ideal for complementing more active gameplay by other players. Here’s a quick idea, for example […]

Holiday 3DS success could signal big impact for Wii U release

Even though the Nintendo 3DS seemingly had some struggles since its release in March, the holiday season is often the barometer for games and success. Nintendo have certainly tried to pull out the winter stops with late-year Nintendo 3DS releases like Super Mario 3D Land and upcoming titles like Mario Kart 7. According to multiple reports, the […]

Reggie talks Wii U target audience & Wii game transfers

Reggie firmly believes that the Wii and Wii U will cater to entirely different audiences from this point onwards, which he hopes will enable the two consoles to co-exist peacefully “for some time”. Citing the new $149.99 price point the Wii now sells at as the key factor in reaching an “expanded demographic”. And it […]

Machinarium on the Wii U is a possibility

Machinarium , a point-and-click WiiWare adventure, has been cancelled. While speaking to Eurogamer, developer  Jakub Dvorský explained (in pretty blunt terms) why the game has been axed. We don’t like Wii because the resolution is so low and there is a size limit on WiiWare of 40MB, which is so low for nowadays. It’s crazy. […]

Three mysterious patents for Wii Remote add-ons

It seems that Nintendo may have more planned for the Wii Remote than just a longer life span. A couple of weeks ago, three patents for Wii Remote add-ons were revealed to the public: two that expand on the infrared functionality of the controller, and one that changes its use altogether. The first patent, and […]

The Wii was never intended to be a “casual” console

The Wii is notorious for its wide appeal to non-traditional gamers, which has skewed its public perception to that of a casual console. However, at the last investors’ Q&A session, Iwata revealed that this perception was the result of a “misunderstanding” and a widespread misconception that “no or few core users [play] Nintendo platforms.” [We] […]