E3 2011 Archive

New Zelda title to be revealed at E3

Not too long ago, Eiji Aonuma appeared on Famitsu’s TV channel, Nico Nico, and apparently revealed a very interesting little tidbit while he was on there: namely, that a new Zelda title would get shown during the week of E3 in celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. That’s all we’ve got. The platform of the […]

A Metroid screenshot (faked, but awesome nonetheless)

We’re now into the final week before E3, and at this stage, the rumour mill is likely going to go wild, so don’t feel compelled to believe everything you read online about the Wii 2. With that said, an alleged screenshot of a Metroid game on Project Café has surfaced. The screenshot is definitely fake, […]

Pachter’s Nintendo E3 2011 Predictions

Love him or hate him, industry analyst Michael Pachter has shared his predictions on Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference. In his latest episode, summarised by nintendoeverything.com he shares his thoughts on what will be revealed on the Wii 2/Project Cafe. He predicts that a lot of titles for the Wii 2 will be shown at E3, […]

‘Super secret shoot’ with Zelda Williams – is it related to Project Café?

Zelda Williams, the daughter of the actor Robin Williams, apparently took part in a ‘super-secret shoot’ with Nintendo about six days ago, according to her own Twitter account. It began with the following message… …which she then followed up with these three pictures from the shooting, none of which reveal absolutely anything. There’s a chance […]

Super Smash Bros Cafe to be at E3?

Yes, if we are to believe the website Gaming Crusade who apparently have sources within the industry. According to their sources Nintendo will be showing off a new Super Smash Bros game for the Wii 2 at E3 this year. They did not share any other details about the game. As with most rumours I suggest […]

‘Wii 2’ trending on Yahoo!

Wii 2 rumours must be getting quite popular, if what GoNintendo reader Juan found is any indication. Yesterday, the search phrase “wii 2” appeared on Yahoo!’s list of trending topics, and apparently stayed there for quite a while. It takes a lot for something to get into that list, so there must be a lot […]

Survey shows how many gamers want to buy the Wii 2

A national survey (of the US) was carried out with the intent to find out how many gamers want to purchase the Wii 2 based on everything we know about it at this stage (or at least, everything that rumours lead us to believe we know). The results were as follows: 27% intend to purchase […]

IGN builds the Wii 2 [Video]

The folks at IGN decided to something I’d call a little crazy, and built a PC with specs roughly equivalent to what Project Café is rumoured to pack. They made a video of it in action, which shows off the Frankenstein-like machine and several PC graphical heavy-hitters like Crysis 2 running silky-smooth on it, with […]

Tecmo Koei wants to have games ready for the Wii 2’s launch

Yoichi Erikawa, Tecmo Koei’s CEO, mentioned at an earnings briefing today that he wants to support the Wii 2’s launch with a few games from his company. He noted that Tecmo Koei has a solid reputation for being able to have games ready for new hardware platform launches, most recently having brought us Samurai Warriors: […]

Nintendo reveals E3 live stream site, reconfirms June 7 date & time

We already knew the date and time of Nintendo’s press conference at E3, but had no information as to where we’d be able to watch it. Now, though, we know that Nintendo will be live streaming the conference through their own website, just like last year, at e3.nintendo.com. So bookmark the link and remember to […]