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Project Cafe footage is definitely fake

Remember that footage featuring Project Cafe? Well, new evidence has come in that the video is completely and utterly fake. The reliability of the video was questionable anyway but this new evidence seems to blow any thoughts that it was true out the window. A French website gave students the challenge of creating a piece […]

The first leaked video of the Wii 2?

The following video has surfaced on Youtube, which is supposed to have been sneakily shot during a presentation at an unknown video game developer. Once again, it shows what some people have begun to call “the Windows 7 box that doesn’t want to die.” Take it for what it’s worth. Do you think it’s real […]

‘Wii 2’ trending on Yahoo!

Wii 2 rumours must be getting quite popular, if what GoNintendo reader Juan found is any indication. Yesterday, the search phrase “wii 2” appeared on Yahoo!’s list of trending topics, and apparently stayed there for quite a while. It takes a lot for something to get into that list, so there must be a lot […]

Survey shows how many gamers want to buy the Wii 2

A national survey (of the US) was carried out with the intent to find out how many gamers want to purchase the Wii 2 based on everything we know about it at this stage (or at least, everything that rumours lead us to believe we know). The results were as follows: 27% intend to purchase […]

IGN builds the Wii 2 [Video]

The folks at IGN decided to something I’d call a little crazy, and built a PC with specs roughly equivalent to what Project Café is rumoured to pack. They made a video of it in action, which shows off the Frankenstein-like machine and several PC graphical heavy-hitters like Crysis 2 running silky-smooth on it, with […]

Tecmo Koei wants to have games ready for the Wii 2’s launch

Yoichi Erikawa, Tecmo Koei’s CEO, mentioned at an earnings briefing today that he wants to support the Wii 2’s launch with a few games from his company. He noted that Tecmo Koei has a solid reputation for being able to have games ready for new hardware platform launches, most recently having brought us Samurai Warriors: […]

First (fake) screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5

I stumbled across two (probably fake) pictures of Grand Theft Auto V. A rumour that has proven to be popular is that the sequel to Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be a launch title for Project Café. This is supposed to be our first look at the game, but it’s much more likely […]

Nintendo reveals E3 live stream site, reconfirms June 7 date & time

We already knew the date and time of Nintendo’s press conference at E3, but had no information as to where we’d be able to watch it. Now, though, we know that Nintendo will be live streaming the conference through their own website, just like last year, at So bookmark the link and remember to […]

Nintendo wants to shed their perception as a ‘kiddie’ company

This story isn’t directly related to the Wii’s successor outright, but it’s still relevant and a great cause for speculation nonetheless. Not too long ago, THQ announced that Saints Row: Drive By had been canceled for the 3DS as well as every other platform it was in development for. Interestingly, last June, THQ spoke about […]

What 4 developers want from the Wii 2

IndustryGamers was fortunate enough to get several developers to give them their thoughts on what they wanted to see in the Wii’s successor. Three of them made it clear that they really wanted to see an improved online infrastructure for distributing downloadable games, and two were down for a more powerful system. Augmented reality and […]