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Could the Wii Vitality Sensor move to Project Café?

At Nintendo’s last investor relations meeting, an attendee pointed out that the Wii Vitality Sensor was nowhere to be seen on the company’s sales plan, and asked Iwata if it’ll be released in the next fiscal year, if ever. Iwata answered the question by explaining that the Vitality Sensor is “a totally new type of […]

Retro Studios is not working on Eternal Darkness 2 or Zelda, Wii 2 may fall prey to flood of ports

Emily Rogers has made quite the name for herself over the past week or so, starting by giving us hope for Pikmin 3 finally seeing the light of day on the Wii’s successor, followed by an outpouring of tempting tidbits. Today, her sources confirmed that Retro Studios‘ secret project is neither Eternal Darkness 2 nor […]

New details on Project Café controller, including resolution and streaming

A new article from 01net, one of the leading sources of Wii HD rumors, claims that the system’s touchscreen controller is not actually HD, and instead has a resolution of 800×500 pixels. While it’s not HD, it’s still a decently high resolution for 6.2 inches, and should look about as crisp as one of the […]

IGN reveals Wii 2 name & price, confirms 3D and other details

IGN’s got a slew of new, detailed information on Project Café’s specs, controller, design, cost, and more, as well as what may become the system’s final name.

Nintendo hires PS3 engineer, researches head tracking systems

What’s this? Camera tracking and head-mounted stereoscopic displays? What exactly is Nintendo up to?

Wii 2 motion-sensing is “better than Move”

Some reports state that the Wii 2’s controller picks motions up more accurately than the current leader in the field, Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Nintendo supposedly “in talks” with Rockstar Games

Is Nintendo making arrangements to get Grand Theft Auto onto the Wii’s successor?

Wii 2 codenamed ‘Project Café’ + April pre-announcement + new specs [Updated!]

An outpour of information from a plethora of sources reveals new details on the Wii 2’s controller, technical specifications, and more.

Wii 2 confirmed for an E3 2011 reveal?

According to a reliable source, the Wii’s successor is set for an E3 2011 debut and a late 2012 launch.

3D won’t be a headlining feature of the Wii 2

Reggie said that 3D won’t be a selling point of the Wii 2. However, he left the possibility open for it to be included as a feature nonetheless.